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Best Step by Step guide – How to Boost Testosterone level

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This is the most comprehensive guide on how to boost testosterone.

Here, I will tell you the most effective and practical ways to increase testosterone levels in your body.

Testosterone is the principal male hormone responsible for manliness. It is from the group of androgens. In Greek, the word androgen means “man maker”.

In this article “How to boost testosterone”, we will discuss the methods of increasing testosterone levels in your body. We can boost testosterone levels naturally or by taking supplements.

You should always give preference to the natural way. (Read also- How to boost testosterone naturally)

1. Importance of boosting testosterone

Before reading how to boost testosterone levels, we should have a clear idea of the importance of testosterone.

Because if we don’t know anything’s importance, we will not dedicate ourselves to improving it properly.

Testosterone is highly important for males as well as females in various manners.

1) It reduces body fat

Testosterone plays an important role in regulating the metabolism of insulin and glucose.

When testosterone level decreases the body starts losing its ability to keep sugar production in check, which leads to increased fat.

So it is very important to ensure the optimal level of testosterone in your body.

2) It prevents depression

If you feel sad and uninspired many times then it could be due to low testosterone levels in your body.

Scientific studies prove that men who have high testosterone levels tend to have a more positive attitude and more confidence.

3) Improves sex drive

It is very important to ensure high testosterone levels if you want to perform better in bed and improve your sex drive.

4) Stronger bones

Researches show that having a sufficient amount of testosterone promotes bone strength.

As we grow old, our testosterone levels decrease by 1% each year.

This can lead to brittle bones, osteoporosis, and other bone-related issues.

If you don’t want weak bones during your old age then you should start boosting now.

The proper growth of the bones is very necessary for teenagers because it can increase their height too.

5) Improves muscle growth

This is the main reason why testosterone is also known as man hormone.

It increases muscle mass and promoted the overall growth of the body. If you want a manly well ripped body with perfect biceps, triceps, etc then you must have to increase your testosterone level.

The importance of testosterone mentioned here is just a glimpse of its benefits to our body. There are many more benefits too.

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How to boost testosterone

2. How to Boost Testosterone?

Here we will talk about,

  • Important vitamins and minerals to boost testosterone
  • Foods to boost testosterone
  • Exercises to boost testosterone
  • Things to avoid to boost testosterone

1. Important vitamins and minerals to boost testosterone

A well-maintained body is the only result of a good diet and proper physical activities.

When your body doesn’t get enough vitamins and minerals then your testosterone levels decrease. There are some vitamins and minerals that are directly involved in the production of testosterone.

To ensure the optimal level of testosterone in your body, you need to consume them on regular basis via natural foods or supplements. here is the list

1) Zinc

Zinc plays an important role in the production of testosterone. Add zinc to your diet for at least a few weeks continuously to improve your testosterone levels.

It can also be taken as a supplement but you should always prefer a natural way.

Oysters, lean meat, beans, yogurt, pumpkin seeds are good sources of zinc.

2) Vitamin D3

Vitamins D3 is a steroid hormone important for the development of healthy sperm. It also maintains sperm quality and increases sperm count in the body.

The best way to get vitamin D3 is to expose your body to the sun. It is because sunlight is the best source of vitamin D3.

Other sources are vitamin D3 fortified milk, salmon, tuna, etc. Due to our lifestyle, it has become so hard to give time for sunbath. In such a case, you can also choose supplements.

There are also important vitamins and minerals to be consumed to increase testosterone levels.

2. Specific foods to boost testosterone level

Boosting testosterone by consuming food is the most comfortable way of boosting testosterone.

Here are some foods that can help you boost testosterone levels are mentioned.

1) Pomegranate

Pomegranate is said to boost testosterone levels. It is because it contains certain types of antioxidants that provide steady blood circulation to sex organs.

For the best result, try to consume one glass of pomegranate juice daily for at least 4 weeks.

2) Brussels Sprouts

Because of the weird taste and smell, it is generally avoided even by the health maniacs.

But before avoiding it, you should know that it is extremely rich in indole-3 carbinol that reduces your estrogen level, and increases your testosterone levels.

It also reduces the risk of getting infected with other diseases.

brussel sprouts

3) Oysters

Oysters are a good source of zinc. Zinc is an extremely recommended mineral to boost testosterone levels.

Oysters also help to improve muscle growth, endurance to physical strains, and even sperm production.

4) Garlic

It contains diallyl disulfide which tends to stimulate the special hormone that can improve the production of testosterone.

5) Banana

It contains an enzyme called bromelain that has the ability to boost libido. Bananas are also rich in vitamin B which promotes testosterone production.

They are also rich in potassium that tends to maintain your blood pressure.

6) Sweet potatoes and eggs

Sweet potatoes can prevent erectile dysfunction. Eggs ensure the ideal amount of sperm counts in the body.

7) Raisins

Raisins must be included in your high testosterone diet. They have anti-inflammatory potential and consist of antioxidants such as resveratrol.

It is one of the antioxidants found to contribute to the production of testosterone and lowering estrogen. Raisins are also rich in boron which is said to amplify testosterone levels.

100 gms of raisins contain 3 mg of boron.


Avocado contains a good amount of fat-soluble vitamins most of which are essential in the production of testosterone.

Avocados are also high in saturated and monosaturated fats which tend to increase testosterone levels.

Therefore, consuming avocados on regular basis can boost testosterone levels of your body.


pomegranate boost testosterone

3. Testosterone boosting exercises

If you are thinking that you will be able to boost testosterone just by maintaining your diet, then you are wrong. Exercises are most important for boosting testosterone levels.

Here some of the important exercises are mentioned.

1) Sprints

A series of short but highly intense sprints can increase your testosterone levels.

For best results, perform a couple of 6-second dashes on the treadmill right after you do some weight lifting exercise. Make sure to do several laps if you are not doing weight training.

The good thing about the sprints is that they can also be done using a bicycle. 5-10 short laps of 15 seconds can highly increase testosterone level.

Make sure to get proper rest after every sprint workout.

2) Lift weights

If you lift low weights with high repetitions then it will firm your muscles but will not help you boost testosterone levels.

To increase testosterone level, you have to do heavy exercise that targets a specific part of the body.

These exercises should include squats, bench presses, deadlifts, etc.

exercise to boost testosterone

3) Forced repetitions

Forced repetitions mean you have to do weight lifting exercises as many times as you can do. You can also ask your friend to give you a spot so you can complete extra repetitions.

4) Don’t skip leg workouts

It is often found that we skip our leg workouts but it can be a big mistake. For having a sufficient amount of testosterone levels in the body, leg workouts are extremely important.

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5) Do cardiovascular  exercises

These exercises tend to burn more fat and promote the production of needed hormones. These exercises include cardio, swimming, climbing stairs, running, and many more.

6) Do Olympic lifts

This is also known as a supreme power workout because of its benefits. They are specially designed to boost the special hormones. It includes deadlifts, front squats, rowing exercises, and chin-ups.

4. Avoid these things to boost testosterone

Here we will discuss some mistakes that should be avoided otherwise you will end up lowering your testosterone instead of boosting it.

1)Don’t Overtrain

It is said that too much of the good thing can harm you. In the same way, if you train excessively then it will affect negatively your body.

When you do bench presses or deadlifts, it produces some amount of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is the stress hormone and is considered a testosterone killer.

If you train your body beyond its limit, it produces more cortisol and you unintentionally decrease your testosterone level.

2) Avoid Soy products

Soy products contain a lot of phytoestrogens that can increase the production of estrogen in your body. As the estrogen level increases, the testosterone level starts decreasing.

Soy product is one of the testosterone-killing foods that decrease testosterone levels.

3) Don’t consume alcohol on a daily basis

Alcohol drinks contain too much sugar and fat and can adversely affect your body. Drinking too much wine and beer can lower your manly hormones and also gives rise to the problem of man boobs.

Beer contains estrogenic hops that can boost estrogen production in the body decreasing testosterone.

4) Avoid smoking

A little stick of cigarette contains more than 7500 chemicals that can harm your body. If you really want to boost testosterone then stop this habit immediately.

5) Avoid consuming too much sugar

Too much sugar can lower your testosterone levels. So it is always advisable to avoid excessive amounts of sugar.

avoid excess sugar

6) Don’t drink too much coffee

Of course, coffee has too many benefits for your body but you should always avoid its excess consumption.

More than 5 cups a day can easily increase your cortisol level that destroys your testosterone levels.

7) Regulate the intake of high fiber foods

You might have heard that many fitness experts give the advice to intake high fiber food as they promote good digestion.

But foods that contain too much fiber can decrease your testosterone level.

8) Avoid excess masturbation

If you do masturbation frequently then you will find that sexual stimulation is not enough to get normal male hormone levels to rise.


Here we have discussed a complete article on how to boost testosterone levels in your body.

We discussed foods to consume, foods to avoid, some exercises to boost testosterone.

We also mentioned some points that should be taken care of. You should also note that only diet or only exercise is not enough to increase testosterone levels to the optimal level.

You should combine both of them to get a 100% result.

I hope you have gotten your answer.

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