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19 Most Effective ways to look younger (AT ANY AGE)

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If you want to look younger at any age naturally, this article is for you.

Here, we will discuss the most authentic and easy ways that will help you look younger than your age.

Is it possible?

I know there is no way to reverse your age but there are a few practices that can help you slow down the aging process and stay young for a long time.

Before we list down these practices, let’s discuss the culprits that make others consider you old.

1. What makes you consider other people aged?

Have you ever wondered what factors your mind uses to identify anyone old?

If you find the same factors in you then others will consider you old.

Such factors are

  • Wrinkles on the  aging skin (Biggest factor)
  • Dull skin
  • Uneven hair
  • Big belly
  • Dull face
  • No or less energy
  • Baldness

In short, the only way you identify aged people is through their physical appearance.

Here I mean to say that if you work on your appearance (especially the physical one), you can also look younger.

So just go in front of the mirror and identify the real causes that make you look aged and eliminate them.

And you will start looking younger. It is that simple.

Portarit of a handsome older man sitting on a sofa

2. How to Look Younger at any Age

As mentioned above, we will try to eliminate the causes that make you look aged.

Let’s start.

1) Avoid pollution

Clean skin always seems to be younger. If you are consistently exposed to pollution then there is a chance that your skin gets dull with time.

And of course, the dull skin won’t let you look younger and you look aged.

It is no more hidden that we are living in a contaminated world. Almost everything surrounding us is polluted.

Pollution also affects health adversely.

You can’t avoid pollution 100% but try to avoid it as much as you can. Here are some tips to avoid pollution.

  • Roll up your car windows whenever you go outside
  • Apply vitamin C serum to your body when you go outside
  • Apply a good and natural moisturizer to your aging skin
  • Wash your face frequently with natural face wash
  • Bath twice a day
  • Avoid direct sunlight (But expose your body to the sun early in the morning for at least 15 minutes)
  • Eat organic fruits and vegetables (To avoid the effects of soil pollution)
  • Observe your life and avoid pollution as much as you can.

pollution is one of the causes of looking aged so avoid pollution to look younger

2) Lose weight

I don’t have to say much about the effects of weight loss on looking younger.

Obesity can make people look aged than their current age. If you have a bigger tummy hanging around the waist then reduce the belly fat as early as possible.

Because having a bigger belly is a sign that your age would be more. It will automatically indicate the people to tell you “Uncle” or “Aunt”.

You should also check your waistline because it can also be a factor that makes you look like an aged person.

So go and check yourself in the mirror and if you find yourself obese then lose those extra fats.

I will suggest you go for intermittent fasting to lose fat especially belly and butt fat.

lose your weight to look younger

3) Prevent hair loss

If you are losing hair or facing the problem of baldness then it is not a good indication. It will make you look aged.

There is a simple logic when you look at any person with fantastic black and shining hair, it will force you to consider him young.

The same will happen to you.

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When you have bulkier and shining hair on your head then it will make people consider you young.

In short, take care of your hair to look younger.

prevent hairloss to look younger

4) Straighten your posture

A straight and good posture fills you with confidence and youthfulness.

If your spine is curved and your shoulders are rounded then you will look tired and aged. This spine curve can also make you look fat because the shrinking of the spine pushes the organs downward.

So straighten your posture.

Well, this sounds good but it is not easy.

In fact, it is very hard to straighten your posture if your muscles are very weak. Here is the guide to strengthening your muscles.

Because when your muscles are strong, you will be able to stretch your back for a longer period.

So first focus on strengthening the muscles and then straighten your posture.

straight posture makes you look younger

5) Don’t use straws to drink anything


What is wrong with sucking straws?

It is found in studies that sucking straws can cause wrinkles. When you use the straw with your mouth, that movement increases the breakdown of collagen and elasticity.

And you can get wrinkles and curls on your face. (Like smokers get)

There is nothing wrong with using a straw once a day but if you are a frequent user then stop that habit.

Straw causes wrinkle in your face so stop using them

6) Avoid the alcohol consumption

It is not hidden that alcohol is the super dehydrator. It increases the process of skin aging by dehydrating your skin.

As your skin starts becoming more and more dehydrated, wrinkles start appearing.

Of course, I can give here the proof from the studies but I want you to observe this. Compare the skin of a person who drinks a lot with the skin of a person who doesn’t drink or who drinks rarely.

You will get your answer.

If you can’t avoid consuming alcohol then dilute it with water as much as you can. So you will eventually drink less alcohol.

Here you can read how to get rid of alcohol addiction.

say no to alcohol

7) Get the proper amount of sleep

It is often seen in younger people that they avoid sleeping because of workload or just for the sake of enjoying a party.

Lack of sleep increases the stress level in the body which results in aging faster.

If you don’t take proper sleep for a few days, your skin loses its glow, your face becomes pale, and your eyes get dark circles.

So get the sound sleep of at least 7-8 hours a day.

Woman sleeping in her bedroom

8) Protect your skin from sun damage

Your skin plays a key role in keeping you looking younger. If your skin is clean and glowing, it indicates that your age would be less.

Exposing your face to direct UV rays of sunlight can damage the face skin, causes sunspots, and steal your youthfulness from you.

Now the question arises that how to protect your skin from sun damage and get rid of sunspots.

Here is the answer.

1) Apply sunscreen lotion daily

Apply sunscreen daily no matter whether the day is sunny or cloudy. It is because if the day is sunny, the direct sunlight can harm your skin.

And if the day is cloudy, the sunlight can penetrate the clouds too. So it should be your daily routine to apply sunscreen.

The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of your sunscreen must be at least 30. Don’t buy any sunscreen below it.

Also, try to purchase sunscreen that moisturizes your skin too.

So you will get the maximum benefits.

Remember this:

  • Apply the screen after every two hours if you are outside your home
  • Always check the expiry date of your sunscreen
  • Apply sunscreen to your eyelids too. (it is the place where 10% of skin cancer occurs)

2) Serum with ferulic acid can help

Ferulic acid is generally found in oranges and apples. It is an antioxidant in nature.

So it can protect your skin from the damage caused by free radicals (also called oxidative damage).

These free radicals are free molecules flowing in the body and damage the other molecules. They can cause the breakdown of collagen which results in wrinkles on your skin.

Ferulic acid also has the capacity to reverse oxidative damage. So we can say it can also reverse the sign of aging.

Also, try to look for vitamin C and vitamin E in the serum because when these two vitamins meet with ferulic acid, the skin serum becomes more effective.

How to use a face serum?

Apply face serum before moisturizing and applying sunscreen to your body.

9) Get rid of stress anyhow

Stress is one of the major causes of aging at a young age. You might have noticed that when a person starts living a stressful life, his face becomes pale, his skin becomes dull, etc.

People who are living under constant stress can also lose their hair.

These physical changes make that person look older than his current age.

So if you are living a stressful life then there is a chance that you might suffer from early oldness.

live a stress free life

How to live a stress-free life?

In today’s life, it is very tough to avoid stress completely. But there are some methods that can decrease your stress levels.

Here are some methods.

  • Do meditation daily
  • Laugh for at least 15-20 minutes a day
  • Do exercise regularly
  • Take a weekly break from work (No matter whether you love your work or not)
  • Visit new places every year
  • Read books that inspire you
  • Avoid unnecessary quarrels
  • Get a pet
  • Spend quality time with your family and friends
  • Share your problems with your true friends
  • Move towards spirituality
  • Get a mentor
  • Have satisfaction with what you have and be happy internally

10) Drink enough water

It is the best and most effective way to look younger.

We all know that without water life on the earth can’t sustain. Water is also beneficial when it comes to sustaining your youthfulness. Water is a natural moisturizer that also keeps your skin fresh and wrinkle-free.

You don’t even need to buy costly anti-aging creams. Just drink enough water throughout the day and it will take care of your skin.

Many people get thirsty but don’t drink water because of workload or laziness. It is wrong.

You should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day to look younger.

When you should drink water?

Well, you can drink all day but if you drink water just after waking up, before having a bath, and half an hour before having lunch and dinner, it will be extremely beneficial.

drink plenty of water to look younger at any age

11) Don’t live a sedentary life

If you are living a sedentary (less active) life then there is a very high chance that you will look like an aged person in the early stage of your life.

Don’t just work sitting on the chair in the office and sleeping on the couch at home.

Be active in your life. Practice walking, jogging, running, swimming, cycling, etc. Do exercises regularly. (especially stretching exercises)

If you have to sit all day in the chair then keep stretching after each 15-20 minutes. If you are overweight and living a sedentary life then you are welcoming most diseases.

sedentary life is one of the causes of oldness in younger age

12) Keep your beard trimmed

If you are a man and you grow a beard then it is very important for you to trim your beard.

An uneven beard doesn’t look good and creates your image of an aged person in others’ minds.

Get a good haircut and keep your beard well-trimmed and the results will be far better.

13) Get rid of wrinkles

As mentioned above, wrinkle is the most typical factor that our brain uses to judge whether someone is younger or older.

You also have seen in films that make-up artists create wrinkles on the skin of younger actors to show them the aged ones.

In the same way, if you have wrinkles on your skin then others will consider you an aged person.

So here you have no choice.

You have to treat the wrinkles otherwise forget about looking younger.

The below image shows the effects of wrinkles on your look.

get rid of wrinkles to look younger

How to get rid of wrinkles?

1) Apply the cream or lotion that contains retinol

It has been proven that retinol reverses skin aging signs, sun damage, and wrinkles. So check for retinol in the cream that you buy to treat your wrinkles.

2) massage your face

Massaging your face also helps you get rid of wrinkles because it increases the blood flow to the face.

3) Eat foods that contain lots of antioxidants

4) Moisturize your skin with Shea butter

5) Eyelid wrinkles are also a big problem that many people face. You can apply coconut oil to treat them.

6) Face exercises can help you tighten your face skin and fight wrinkles.

14) Take care of your teeth

Don’t let your teeth look like the aged man’s teeth.

Take necessary care of them. It is because whenever you are engaged in direct conversation with anyone, people draw their attention to your teeth.

take care of your teeth to look younger

15) Choose the correct spectacles

If you have a vision problem or you just wear specs for fashion then people can judge your age through it.

So choose your specs such that you look younger.

16) Don’t forget to consume omega-3 fatty acid

Omega 3 fatty acid is very important for skin health.

It is a good fat that protects your skin from drying. It can also increase the elasticity of your skin. Because as your age grows, your skin becomes loose.

So you should include omega 3 in your diet to look younger.

Non-veg sources of omega 3:- Fish, Fish oil

Veg sources:- Walnut, chia seeds, flax seeds

If you are not getting enough omega-3 from food sources then you can also go for supplements.

I am always against supplements but as far as omega 3 is concerned you should take it because there are not much more sources of it that can provide you with omega 3 consistently.

get enough omega 3 to look younger

17) If you are female then wear the correct bra

If you are a woman then wearing the wrong-sized bra can also make you look like an aged person.

Pregnancy, monthly period cycle, and any other changes in the body can change the breast size so you also should keep changing the size of the bra according to the changes.

As you grow old, your body produces less collagen which results in breast ptosis (sagging of the breasts).

So if you keep using the same size bra, it will be uncomfortable for you as well as it will make you look like an old-aged woman.

breast sagging can make you look older

18) Wash your clothes and pillow properly

Your clothes remain in constant contact with you all day and your pillow may remain in contact with your face at night.

If these two are dirty, you will have a lot of skin-related issues.

Also, use natural soaps and face wash to wash your body and face.

19) Avoid frequent masturbation

It is found in many studies that persons who masturbate frequently tend to look aged than their current age.

If you are one of those guys then stay away from this habit.

Frequent masturbation steals the glow of skin and makes it dull. It also steals your energy and youthfulness so don’t overdo it.

Instead, indulge yourself in some constructive work.

Here is the complete guide to getting rid of masturbation (most effective and 100% practical)

stop masturbating frequently to look younger

These are some effective ways to look and stay younger at any age. There are many more ways too but it will be time taking to discuss all of them.

But here I will mention them in points.

20) Other ways to look younger

  • Eat foods that are loaded with antioxidants
  • Eat lots of fruits
  • Include green leafy vegetables in your diet
  • Take care of your lips
  • Spend time in the natural environment
  • Avoid screen one day a week
  • Fast regularly
  • Avoid junk food and fast food
  • Wake up early in the morning
  • Don’t be an owl

The Final Words On How to Look Young

Here we have discussed how to stay young naturally.

I hope these easy practices will keep you young for a long time.

If you like this article, let me know in the comment box and share this article to help everyone.

Thanks for Reading…!!!

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