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How to Wake Up Early in The Morning (10 Proven Tips)

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Do you really want to wake up early but can’t?

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This is the most comprehensive guide on How to Wake Up Early in The Morning.

Here, we will discuss the most effective ways to wake up early every day.

But you know, waking up will never be useful if you would be tired all day due to lack of sleep.

So, rather than just waking up early, our goal should be to wake up early full of energy and freshness.

So, here we will focus on how to wake up early full of energy and freshness.

The methods mentioned in this guide have helped thousands of people to become “early risers”.

Many successful people have claimed that they use these tips to wake up early in the morning.

So, if you also want to become an early riser then you should read this article completely.

Before we start listing down the tips on how to wake up early, let’s discuss the benefits of waking up early in the morning.

I am sure that these benefits will help you motivate to wake up early in the morning.

Let’s start.

1. Benefits of Waking Up Early in the Morning

Remember, waking up early is only beneficial when you take complete sleep and not just reduce the sleep hours to wake up early.

Here are several benefits of waking up early in the morning.

1) The early morning atmosphere is very refreshing so you can read good books, perform yoga poses, and go for a morning walk or exercise.

2) It can also increase your productivity. Wake up early in the morning, have a bath, and meditate for 15-20 minutes then see the amazing results.

3) Waking up early also provides you with enough time to have breakfast, read the newspaper, plan for the day, etc.

4) It is also the best time to perform spiritual practices.

5) You can also spare time to expose your body to the sunlight and get enough vitamin D which is responsible for stronger bones.

6) You can prepare a healthy breakfast for yourself and your family. Many people tend to eat processed foods in their breakfast because they have no time.

If you wake up early then you can make your first food the best food of your day.

7) Waking up early will also help you sleep early at night. Generally, our productivity at night is very low and we just waste our time on social media, watching web series and all.

So it is rather beneficial to sleep early to get up early.

In short, you get enough time to perform the best practices of your day in the refreshing early morning atmosphere.

Now, we will discuss the best methods that will make you wake up early in the method.

2. How to Wake Up Early in the Morning

These tips and methods will train you to wake up early automatically without alarm.

Let’s start.

1) Sleep Early At Night

You might have gotten this advice from most people but believe me, it is one of the best ways to wake up early.

If you have some work at night then it is ok but some people just stay up late the night and complain that they can’t wake up early in the morning which is wrong.

Why should sleep early?

Because we need at least 6-7 hours of sleep and we also want to wake up early then how will it be possible if we don’t sleep early at night?

So if you want to wake up by 5 am then you should go to sleep between 10-11 pm.

Also, ensure the gap of 3 hrs between dinner and sleeping. If you just go to sleep after dinner then it can cause digestion issues.

2) Get a Deep Sleep

Getting deep and sound sleep is one of the major steps toward waking up early in the morning.

Sometimes, it is the quality and not the quantity of sleep that matters.

Your alarm will help you to wake up early but if you want to wake up with full energy and feel fully refreshed then you must have to take a deep sleep.

In short, you need to increase the quality of your sleep to wake up full of energy and feeling refreshed.

What is deep sleep?

In simple words, deep sleep means undisturbed sleep. There should be no physical or mental disturbance while sleeping.

To avoid physical disturbance, make sure your room is dark and cool. Also, avoid drinking water before sleeping. It will cause the urge to pee and your sleep will get disturbed.

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To avoid mental disturbance,

  • Drink a glass of warm milk before sleeping
  • Practice meditation for 5 minutes
  • Keep your mobile aside
  • Have a bath with cold water

Apart from these, regular exercises also increase the quality of your sleep.

woman is having deep sleep on the bed - How to wake up early in the morning

3) Be Conscious For The First 5 Minutes of Waking up

It is one of the best methods to wake up early in the morning.

Many times it happens that you set an alarm to wake up early. You wake up also but after some time you go back to sleep without thinking about anything.

Being conscious can help you with this problem.

How to be conscious?

As you wake up, start thinking about why you decided to wake up, what you will lose if you sleep, and all. It will help you keep waking up.

4) Keep Your Morning Schedule Ready Before You Sleep

Sometimes we set an alarm to wake up early in the morning, we wake up also then think about what to do next and sleep again.

I used to face this problem a lot. But then I started scheduling my morning routine and it benefitted me a lot.

Arrange your morning schedule such that you don’t have to think about what to do after waking up.

Try to have a bath as early as possible after waking up. It will feel you with freshness and you will forget about sleeping again.

Many people drink a glass of warm water and go for a morning walk.

Keeping your schedule ready also helps you subconsciously.

For example, if you are habituated to planning your day the previous night, it sends signals to your subconscious mind which help you wake up early in the morning.

In short, scheduling your next morning routine will prepare your mind to wake up early in the morning.

prepare your morning schedule before you go to bed

5) Don’t Eat Heavy Meals at Night

Believe me or not but just try eating very light food the previous night and you will not need any alarm clock to wake up early the next morning.

When you eat heavily at night, your body consumes more energy to digest which can cause disturbance while sleeping.

Eating light foods at night also fills you with energy and refreshment in next morning. It also eases your bowel movements.

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6) Find a Person With The Same Goal

If you are not able to sustain your motivation to wake up early then it is the best tip for you.

If you find a person who is also wanting to wake up early, you both will motivate each other.

You can call each other early in the morning to wake up each other, you can also go for a walk or a jog together.

In short, you can motivate each other and become the early risers together. You can also find a group of people with the same goal.

7) Every Day Wake Up 5 Minutes Before The Previous Day

When I was doing my bachelor’s, I used this method on myself. And I think this method will help you a lot in your journey to get up early.

What do you have to do?

Suppose, you wake up at 8 am daily and your goal is to wake up at 5 am.

Then try to wake up at 7:55 am in the next morning. Then again wake up at 7:50 am on the next day and so on.

I know this method will take a few weeks to reach your goal but the result you will get will be amazing.

I am sure that after those few weeks, you will never require any alarm clock to wake up at 5 am.

The main benefit of this method is that here we are not forcing ourselves to wake up early. But we are slowly molding ourselves to wake up early.

Why does this method work?

Everybody has their own biological clock.

If we try to change it in hurry then the body counters it. And the result is, you will lose your motivation because your body won’t support you.

In this method, we are slowly and steadily making changes in the body’s biological clock. So this method works and makes you wake up early permanently.

Here, I have advised 5 minutes but you can change it to 7, 10, or 12 minutes according to your body.

In this simple way, you can get used to waking up early in the morning.

8) Reward Yourself

It is one of the best ways to get up early in the morning.

The journey of waking up early is not that easy. You will have to face many problems and distractions.

So how to keep yourself moving ahead?

The simple answer is to reward yourself.

What do you mean by that?

Look, we all love rewards. Here you have to give rewards to yourself.

You can promise yourself that if you get up early the next morning, you will give yourself a pizza party or whatever you like.

And if you really wake up early, then give yourself a reward and of course, you deserve it too.

Here, I would like to advise you that please don’t cheat yourself. If you are promising anything to you then you should keep your promise.

Also, don’t punish yourself if you don’t wake up early.

Just be consistent and persistent in your efforts and your body will automatically get accustomed to waking up early.

reward yourself whenever you wake up early in the morning

9) Keep Your Alarm Away From You

Most people give this advice whenever they are asked about how to wake up early.

But still, I would like to include it in this article.

It is generally done so that you can move to the alarm to turn it off.

This method is best for those who are habituated to hitting the snooze button and getting 5 minutes of sleep more. This type of sleep is called fragmented sleep.

It is very much bad for health. It also tends to cause certain problems such as daytime sleepiness, low productivity throughout the day, etc.

If you want to get the maximum result from this method, you can combine this method with method no. 3.

10) Be Happy

It is found in modern research that if you are sad or living a stressful life then there is a great chance that you require more sleep.

So even if you sleep early, eat light food, etc you will require more sleep which will never allow you to wake up early.

The only way to overcome this problem is to live a happy and stress-free life as much as possible.

I know stress has become common nowadays but you can manage your stress in many ways. Some of the most effective ways are given below.

  • Avoid people who create a nuisance in your life
  • Read spiritual and motivational books
  • Practice meditation daily
  • Be happy in whatever you have
  • Have a pet
  • Spend your time with your family
  • Have a mentor

These were the 10 most effective methods to wake up early. I have tried all these methods and believe me they are worth trying.

I can guarantee that if you follow these methods regularly, you will start waking up early every day in one or two weeks.

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I would like to wrap up our discussion here.

Let me answer the most common questions.


1) How many days does it take to get habituated to waking up early?

Science says we take 21 days to get habituated to anything. So practice waking up early for 21 days and you will get habituated to it.

2) How to wake up early to work out?

You will need great motivation. Just imagine yourself after 3 months of daily workout and without a workout, you will get your motivation.

3) How to wake up early to read?

According to me, the methods of rewarding yourself and being conscious for 15 minutes after waking up will be much better in this case.

4) How to wake up early without an alarm?

Just keep waking up early at the same time for a few weeks. Your biological clock will get accustomed to that particular time and you will never need an alarm to wake up early.

5) How to wake up early naturally?

All the methods mentioned in this article are natural as well as most effective.


Here, we have discussed the best method to wake up early in the morning.

These tips are most effective and are being used by almost all the successful people around the world.

Getting habituated to waking up early is not that easy but with proper guidance and management, you can easily achieve it.

If you have any questions related to get up early in the morning, you can ask me in the comment box.

If you like this article, share it with your friends who eagerly want to become the “early risers”.

Thanks for reading…!!!

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