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9 Proven Steps To increase Testosterone level Naturally

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This is a comprehensive guide on how to increase testosterone naturally.

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Here we will be discussing some strategies proven by scientists and health experts that will 100% help you to boost testosterone levels in natural ways.

These strategies will not only help you to increase your testosterone but also will your body’s ability to produce more testosterone.

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1. Importance of Testosterone

Testosterone is the main hormone that dominates in a male body.

It is responsible for the proper growth of the body, building muscles, and for the overall good health of your body.

Having a high level of testosterone level helps you to fight depression, decrease body fat, increase muscle mass, libido, etc.

If your body has a high amount of testosterone then you also get the benefits of having strong erections and strong bones.

Many scientific research reports also prove that having a good amount of testosterone also increases your cognitive ability and confidence.

importance of testosterone

Here I have mentioned only a few importance of having a high level of testosterone but there are many more.

So you have gotten some ideas why it is important to increase the testosterone level.

2. Symptoms of low testosterone

Let me also mention some symptoms of low testosterone level here.

  1. Loss of lean muscle
  2. Increased fat especially around the waist
  3. The low energy level and fatigue
  4. Mood swings and irritable behavior
  5. Low sex drive and erectile dysfunction
  6. Sleep apnea
  7. Decrement in ejaculate
  8. Loss of genital sensitivity
  9. Decrease in the size and firmness of testicles
  10. Loss of focus

3. Why Increase Testosterone Naturally Only

Now the question arises that why it is important to increase testosterone naturally…….Can’t we take supplements for it?

The simple answer is increasing testosterone naturally is a long-term vision because the natural way will not only increase your testosterone level but also will make your body produce more testosterone.

It is also the best way to prevent yourself from any side effects.

Let’s start discussing the proven ways to increase your testosterone levels naturally.

4. How to Increase testosterone level naturally

1) Improve the quality of your sleep

You might have heard that improve the quality and not the quantity of your sleep.

First of all, what do you mean by the quality of your sleep? It simply means that sleep with no disturbance.

If you are getting disturbed while sleeping then your testosterone level will definitely decrease.

Tips for better sleep at night

Scientific studies also prove that improving the quality of your sleep is one of the best methods to increase your testosterone level naturally.

It is because your body mainly produces testosterone when you are sleeping.

That’s why you get “morning wood”.

So 7-8 hours of good sleep is best for increasing testosterone naturally.

When the quality of your sleep is not good, your body remains under stress and produces a hormone called cortisol.

Cortisol is a testosterone killer.

It doesn’t only decrease testosterone level but also decreases the ability of the body to produce testosterone.

sleep increases testosterone

2) Increase the intake of healthy fats

We always consider fat bad and the main culprit for making people fat. But the real truth is that fat is also one of the nutrients that your body needs for the organs to work properly, including the production of testosterone.

Of course, transfat which is considered bad must be avoided.

Many research reports show that a diet with high natural fat massively increases the production of testosterone.

You might be thinking about the heart disease that fat causes.

But if you exercise regularly (which is also a good tool to increase testosterone naturally), eat only natural foods, limits alcohol intake then you also can prevent heart disease.

If you don’t follow these steps and just keep eating high-fat food then there is a chance that you will end up with a low testosterone level.

Another reason for increasing the fat intake is to reduce the level of SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin).

This SHBG binds the free testosterone with it.

Free testosterone is the part of testosterone that provides you with all the benefits. If you intake high-fat natural foods then your body will produce more cholesterol.

This cholesterol will reduce the SHBG.

That’s why science recommends that we eat a high good-fat diet to increase testosterone levels naturally.

3) Have a proper diet

The proper diet plays a key role in increasing the testosterone level naturally. Not only testosterone but it also improves your overall health.

Remove all the processed foods from your diet because they are full of additives that reduce your testosterone level. Focus only on eating natural foods.

Avoid foods that are called testosterone killer foods.

Proper nutrition

Foods to avoid

  1. Avoid excess sugar
  2. Avoid soy-based products as they have plenty of phytoestrogens
  3. Limit alcohol consumption
  4. Avoid vegetable oils as they are full of trans and saturated fats.
  5. Avoid excess carbohydrates
  6. Excess caffeine
  7. Red meat
  8. Avoid the excessive use of dairy products
  9. Processed foods & food dyes

Foods to intake

  1. Eat foods that are high in protein
  2. Eat foods that are high in healthy fats
  3. Eat lots of seeds and nuts
  4. Drink lots of water
  5. Eat healthy carbohydrates with a low glycaemic index i.e beans, lentils, legumes, etc
  6. Drink green tea
  7. Flaxseed
  8. Brazil nuts

Having a proper diet will drastically increase testosterone levels.

4) Maintain your weight

It is found in the research that men with an ideal body mass index (BMI) tend to have a good level of testosterone.

It is also found that when your body has too much fat, the activity of aromatase increases which converts testosterone into estrogen.

So, maintain your body weight.

5) Fasting regularly can help

You may get surprised after reading fasting as a natural way to increase your testosterone level. But it is true.

But one thing you have to make sure that fasting should not last for longer.

It is because fasting for an extended period will decrease your testosterone level.

Fasting for 24 hours is a good tool to increase testosterone naturally.

fasting boosts testosterone

When you go for the fasting of 24 hours( and not more than that), it will lead to the highest rate of production of testosterone.

But be careful if you extend your fasting more than 24 hours your testosterone level will decrease too.

Fasting helps your insulin level to reset which results in the high production of testosterone.

If you have the concept of a cheat day in your life then do fast on the next day of a cheat day.

As it will give your body a rest after getting an overload of foods.

6) Ensure optimal level of vitamin D3 and Omega-3

Vitamin D3 and omega 3 both are extremely important to increase your testosterone level.

Though I didn’t recommend you artificial testosterone boosters, I will recommend taking supplements for vitamin D3 and omega 3 if you not getting them enough from your diet.

It is because we only get vitamin D3 from sunlight and omega 3 is very much available in fish and fish oil.

We rarely get time to expose our bodies to the sun and omega 3 is also rarely found in our food.

So you can also go for their supplements. ( If you are exposing your body to the sun and eating enough fish then don’t take supplements too).

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is a steroid hormone when activated in the body triggers the genes which stimulate muscle growth.

Vitamin D3 is also considered the first supplement to use if you want to increase your testosterone level naturally.

You can take 6000-8000 I.U per day. Split into two servings. Take it upon awakening and prior to sleep.

Take it continuously for 4 weeks then stop taking it for the next 4 weeks.

Always try to check your vitamin D3 level before consuming any supplements.

If you feel the metallic taste in your mouth then it shows the excess of vitamin D3 so stop taking any supplements.

Foods High in vitamin D

Omega 3

This is the second supplement that is recommended if you want to boost testosterone levels naturally. It is found in great amounts in fish oil.

Omega 3 increases the production of the luteinizing hormone that is responsible for triggering testicles to produce testosterone.

Foods rich in omega-3

7) Weight lifting exercise

If you are a person who exercises regularly and want to increase the testosterone levels naturally then you must include a weight lifting exercise routine.

Lifting weights stimulates the production of testosterone. It also triggers your body to produce more HGH (Human Growth Hormone).

Some advice to consider

  1. Focus on compound heavy lifts
  2. Increase time under muscle tension
  3. Take muscle to failure at a specific period in workout
  4. workout of 35 minutes or less
  5. increase weight in a strategic manner
  6. Don’t overtrain as it will lower the testosterone levels
  7. Never miss leg day gym. (Here is the list of leg exercises to get treetrunk legs)

weight lifting exercise

8) Have sex in the morning

If you increase testosterone levels naturally then it will result in increased libido and erection strength.

But it is very important to understand that sex can increase the testosterone level.

Research shows that if you have sex in the morning, it will increase the testosterone levels in your body.

It is because testosterone is mainly produced when you are sleeping and when you wake up testosterone is at its peak.

By having sex in the morning, you can increase the production of testosterone as testosterone is produced when you have sex.

9) Natural testosterone boosters

There are natural testosterone boosters also available in the market. These products have a long history of use with no side effects.

Unlike, artificial testosterone boosters these will produce testosterone within your body’s own limit.

1) Yohimbe –

It simply helps your body to make testosterone. so helps your body to increase testosterone naturally.

2) Ashwagandha –

This herb not only helps your body to make its own testosterone but also helps supplement it while your body is building the backup. It contains a compound called withanolides which has the same effect as testosterone.

Do read – 15 natural herbs to boost testosterone

3) Horny Goat weed –

It helps the body to treat the common symptoms of testosterone deficiency, erectile dysfunction, etc by improving the blood flow to the penis.

4) Shilajit –

Extremely praised and useful herb to increase testosterone. (I prefer Shilajit to use)

These supplements are safe and effective to increase testosterone naturally. By using them, you won’t have to risk your health.

herbs to bosst testosterone


Here we have discussed 8 strategies proven by science to increase the testosterone level naturally.

If you implement 3 to 4 of them, you will see a drastic boost in your testosterone level.

Remember that if you choose the natural way then you will need some dedication and change of lifestyle.

But one thing is for sure that the result you will get will be amazing and long-lasting.

Let’s summarize this article.

Here are the ways to boost testosterone naturally.

  • Improve the quality of your sleep
  • Increase the intake of healthy fat
  • Have a proper diet
  • Fast regularly
  • Maintain the optimal levels of vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids in your body
  • Weight-lifting exercises can help you
  • Have sex in the morning
  • Use natural testosterone boosters

I hope you will get your answer in this article. If you like this article, share it with your friends.

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