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The word “Decipher” means “to discover the meaning of something”. As our website name shows, we are fitness deciphers means we are in the search of true fitness. We study scientific research reports and publish articles on fitness-related topics.

We study the experts’ views for our articles and also go through their books and articles for reference. After complete research, we publish it on our website. We surely believe that fitness is not anyone’s destination but it is a journey, it is a way of life. If your body is fit and fine then you can thoroughly enjoy your life to its core.

Most of the people in this world are somewhat healthy but not fit. There is a very small difference between being healthy and being fit. Healthy means you are just a healthy person without any diseases or problems. But being fit means you have no issues in doing lots of work, look young even in older days, are able to do hard work, less fatigue, etc.

At Fitness Deciphers, we generally deal with three niches that are fitness, men’s health, and bodybuilding.

We also provide free fitness tools. We just have launched our new fitness tool named “standard BMI calculator”.

Company Profile

Name – Fitness Deciphers

Founder – Pujan Khamkar (Fitness & Nutrition Consultant and dietary supplement advisor)

Founder Qualification – Diploma in Advanced Fitness & Nutrition

Our expertise – We provide the most effective, research-based, and trustworthy information related to Health & Fitness in simple words that everyone can understand.

Location – We are India based website serving the entire world.

The References We Use to Provide You with Trustworthy Content are,

  • Research papers published by well-known Universities and Institutes
  • Books that are written by experts
  • Government-authorized portals
  • We also consult with the other health experts, fitness coaches, and other experts related to health & fitness.

The Data We Use On Our Site are,

Recommended by authorized & government-approved organizations such as NCBI, CDC, National Health Portal (NHS), etc.

“We never source/copy/scrap/steal any information from any unauthorized websites.”

You can ask for our support at support@fitnessdeciphers.com

About Founder

Pujan Khamkar (Fitness & Nutrition Consultant)

Pujan Khamkar (Fitness & Nutrition Consultant and Dietary Supplement Advisor)

Pujan Khamkar is the founder of this website. He has completed a Diploma in Advanced Fitness. He is a certified Fitness & Nutrition Consultant. He is also a dietary supplement advisor by profession.

He always wanted to provide the research-based, most effective, and most trustworthy information related to Health & Fitness in a very simple language.

So, he decided to start a website that provides health and fitness-related information satisfying all the above points he desired.

Follow Pujan Khamkar,

Twitter – https://twitter.com/PujanKhamkar

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pujan.khamkar/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/pujankhamkar/

Our Goal

Our only goal is to spread awareness for health & fitness and to provide the most trustworthy content which you can trust.

We thoroughly believe that if we want our future generation to be fit, we have to be fit. So with this ambition, we have started our journey.

We hope that you will support our journey. If you want to support us from your heart then do share our articles with those who need them most.

Our Future Plans

We have three plans for the next few months.

1) As our goal is to serve people through the most effective and trustworthy information, we are planning to start an e-book store. These ebooks will target a particular topic very deeply.

The books will be available on our e-book store as well as on amazon kindle.

2) We also want to start a product review guide. Which will provide in-depth information regarding that product. It will help you with some of the common questions that are how to buy, what to buy, when to buy, etc.

3) We are also thinking to start an e-commerce store that will include the best product in the segment and industry. It will be very helpful for you to decide what products to buy.

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