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11 Amazing Benefits of Hindu Push-Ups (You Won’t Believe)

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This is an in-depth guide on Hindu push-ups’ benefits.

Here, we will discuss almost all the aspects of Hindu-push ups such as how to do them, their health advantages, why they are more beneficial than normal push-ups, etc.

I practice 300 Hindu push-ups every two days which means 12 times in a month.

The health benefits that I am going to share in this article are based on my own experience.

Hindu push-ups have been practiced in India for thousands of years. They are a great part of wrestlers’ training exercises.

Hindu push-ups are also known as “Sadharana Dand”, “Dand Push-ups”, or “Deshi Dand”.

In several parts of India, they are also known as “jor” because they increase your jor (force).

These push-ups are mandatory for everyone who wants to gain immense strength and power.

Today, where people find it difficult to practice 100 Hindu push-ups, ancient wrestlers used to perform 2000-2500 Hindu push-ups easily.

Hindu push-ups and Hindu squats are the main reason why Indian wrestlers are more powerful than other countries’ wrestlers.

Today, we will discuss the advantages of these Indian-style push-ups in detail.

Before we start our discussion, let’s first discuss the perfect method to perform Hindu push-ups.

1. How to Practice Hindu Push-Ups Perfectly?

Hindu pus-ups or Indian-style push-ups are divided into three poses and each pose has its own health benefits.

1) Downward Facing Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

This is the first move for Hindu push-ups.

In this pose, your arms, spine, and legs get stretched.

Man performing Hindu Push ups
(Picture Credit: Bodyweightlifestyle)

2) Four-Limbed Staff Pose (Chaturanga Dandasana)

This is the second move for Hindu push-ups.

This move develops your chest, triceps, shoulders, hips, and legs (calves).

Man doing hindu push ups
(Picture Credit: Bodyweightlifestyle)

3) Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

The cobra pose is the final pose of a Hindu push-up.

In this pose, your spine gets contracted.

This move develops your triceps, abs, shoulder, and chest.

Man doing Hindu push ups - Hindu push-ups benefits
(Picture Credit: Bodyweightlifestyle)

After performing the cobra pose, return back to the downward-facing dog pose to perform the second Hindu push-up.

Perform all these poses perfectly to perform a perfect Hindu Push-up.

You can see the below video to know the perfect method to perform Hindu push-ups visually.

=> The Breathing Pattern During Hindu Push-Ups

Take a deep breath as you slowly move from downward dog to the cobra pose and exhale as you lift and return to the starting position.

Now, we will discuss the health benefits of Hindu push-ups.

2. Benefits of Hindu Push-Ups

Due to the numerous health benefits of dand push-ups, they are gaining popularity all over the world.

Here, we will discuss the advantages of the Hindu dand exercise to your health & fitness.

Let’s start.

1) Hindu Push-Ups Strengthens Your Spine

Strengthening the spine is one of the best health advantages of Hindu push-ups.

If you are a regular practitioner of Indian push-ups then you might have noticed that your spine gets stronger with time.

The stretching and contracting movements of the spine during Hindu push-ups strengthen your upper and middle spine.

When you shift your pose from cobra pose to downward facing dog pose, you put a little pressure on your lower spine.

So your lower spine also gets trained.

Never practice Hindu push-ups if you have any spinal injuries.

But if your spine is weaker then you should definitely practice Hindu push-ups to make it stronger.

hindu push-ups can increase your spine strength

2) It Improves Your Stamina

Hindu push-ups improve your physical stamina to the next level.

By performing just 15-20 Hindu push-ups, you will start breathing hard and sweating.

Most people practice cardio exercises such as running, swimming, rope jumping, etc to increase their stamina.

But if you practice Hindu push-ups, you can increase your stamina as well as the physical strength of your body at the same time.

That’s why this Hindu dand exercise is considered best to enhance stamina and strength.

3) Best to Get Immense Physical Strength

This is the main advantage of Hindu push-ups that attract lots of people to practice them.

These traditional Indian push-ups are best for those who want to increase their strength and not just show off their muscles.

If you just want to develop your muscle then you can practice the regular gym exercises but if you want real strength then you must practice Hindu push-ups.

Hindu push-ups have always been the major reason for the immense strength of ancient kings, soldiers, wrestlers, etc.

So, if you want a rock-solid upper body, you should practice these Indian Deshi Dands.

4) Hindu Push-Ups Improve The Flexibility of Your Body

Improved flexibility is one of the best health benefits of Hindu push-ups.

Flexibility is very important for our body. If your body is flexible, there is a very less chance that you suffer from muscle-related problems.

Since these push-ups include stretching, contraction, and bending of the spine and other body muscles, they can increase your flexibility.

The other exercises that you do either improve your strength, stamina, or flexibility, but Hindu push-ups can increase all these three simultaneously.

5) Best to Improve Your Muscle Endurance

I love this benefit the most and to be honest, this is the main reason why I practice Hindu push-ups regularly.

Muscle endurance means the capacity of your muscle to work against resistance without getting exhausted.

Hindu push-up is not an easy exercise, it needs excellent muscle strength and endurance.

If you practice Hindu push-ups regularly, you will see a drastic improvement in the endurance of your upper body.

6) They Can Also Improve Your Posture

A good posture is necessary to look good as well as for a better static and dynamic balance.

All the moves that we perform in Hindu push-ups include spinal contraction and stretching.

If you find the best yoga poses to improve your posture, you will find two common yoga poses i.e, the downward facing dog pose and the cobra pose.

Since Hindu push-ups involve both these poses, they can definitely improve your body posture.

So performing these push-ups can also improve your posture if practiced regularly.

7) Hindu Dands Strengthen and Tone Overall Triceps

Generally, you have to perform 3-4 exercises at the gym to train your overall triceps muscles.

But if you practice Hindu push-ups, you can literally train your overall triceps muscles.

Indian-style dands let you train with nearly half of your weight which helps you to fill your triceps with more power and strength than any other exercises.

Strong guy with crossed arms - The benefits of hindu push-ups

8) Hindu Push-Ups Can Strengthen Your Shoulder

You can train almost all the shoulder muscles with the Hindu push-ups such as the rear, middle, front deltoids, and also upper and middle trapezius.

Though Hindu push-ups will not contribute more to making your shoulders muscular, they definitely strengthen them.

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9) They Can Help You Build Your Chest Muscles

Hindu dand push-ups also target our chest muscle and develop its strength.

The most interesting fact about Hindu push-ups is you can target almost all the chest muscles such as the lower, middle, and upper in a single exercise.

10) Hindu Push-Ups Can Increase The Abdomen Muscle Strength

Here, I am not saying that Hindu push-ups will help you get six-pack abs but they will surely help you increase the strength of your abdomen muscles.

When you move from a four-limbed pose to a cobra pose during Hindu push-ups, your abdominal muscles get activated and trained.

That’s why you can also increase the strength of abdomen muscles with Hindu push-ups.

11) Strengthens Your Neck Muscles

One of the best benefits of Hindu push-ups is that they can also strengthen your neck muscles.

In ancient times when wars were very common, warrior needed their necks to be strong.

So that they can wear heavy helmets and bear the opponents’ attack on their necks.

That’s the reason why most of the ancient exercises focus on neck muscles. Hindu push-up is one of those exercises.

Today, it is very rare to find people training their necks. But with Hindu push-ups, we can also train our neck muscles.

These are a few advantages of Hindu push-ups.

You can get all these health benefits of Hindu push-ups if you practice them regularly.

Now, we will discuss why Hindu push-ups are more beneficial than normal push-ups.

Let’s start.

3. Benefits of Hindu Push-Ups Over Normal Push-Ups

1) Normal push-ups don’t improve the flexibility of your body whereas Hindu push-ups have the ability to enhance your flexibility.

2) Normal push-ups can’t train your lower back properly meanwhile Hindu push-ups are best to train your lower back.

3) Regular push-ups can’t improve our spine strength as precisely as the Hindu push-ups can do.

4) With Hindu push-ups, we can also train our upper trapezius muscles, which is not possible with normal push-ups.

5) One of the best advantages of Hindu push-ups over normal push-ups is that we can engage more muscle groups.

Now, we will discuss the Pros & Cons of Hindu push-ups.

4. Pros & Cons of Hindu Push-Ups

=> Pros

  1. It can be practiced any time and anywhere
  2. You don’t need any equipment or tools to practice it
  3. Improves stamina, strength, and flexibility simultaneously
  4. Best to build muscle endurance
  5. It is a multi-functional exercise that trains the triceps, shoulder, chest, neck, abdomen, hips, and calves.

=> Cons

  1. Not for a person with any spinal injuries
  2. Not much effective for biceps

5. Remember These Before, During, and After Hindu Push-Ups

Above we discussed the benefits of Hindu push-ups to our health and fitness.

But there are a few cares that you need to take before, during, and after performing the Hindu push-ups.

Let’s discuss them in detail.

1) Practice Them Slowly

If you want to get the real benefits of Hindu push-ups then you should practice them slowly and not in rush.

Hindu push-ups should be practiced slowly.

Since it involves too many muscles, performing them speedily can damage them.

2) Don’t Perform Them On an Empty Stomach

You may have heard that when cardio exercises are done on an empty stomach, you lose more fat.

But don’t apply that concept here.

I don’t recommend anyone to practice Hindu push-ups on an empty stomach as you may feel dizziness.

Because it is a heavy exercise, it is good to eat something healthy 15-20 minutes before performing them.

(I prefer eating a banana before performing Hindu push-ups)

3) Wear Flexible Clothes

If you wear tight clothes, you will find difficulties in practicing Hindu push-ups which may also lead you to injuries.

So for maximum comfort and to avoid any injuries, you should wear flexible clothes.

4) Have Control Over Your Breath

Hindu push-up is not a single breathing exercise. Never stop breathing while performing them.

Instead of that, you should have control over your breath.

5) Have Proper Rest After Performing Each Set

I perform 15 sets of Hindu push-ups. In each set, I perform 20 repetitions.

But I make sure to take a few seconds of rest between each set as it calms my body and keeps the heart rate in a normal range.

6) Massage Your Body or Have a Bath with Warm Water After Exercise

Being a heavy exercise, Hindu push-ups may cause muscle soreness in several body parts.

So to avoid muscle soreness, you can go for a body massage with a special muscle soreness oil or a bath with warm water.

(For better recovery add Epsom salt to warm bath water)

7) Don’t Do Hindu Push-Ups Daily

This is applicable not only to Hindu push-ups but also to every type of exercise.

You should not do any exercise every day as it will lose its effectiveness in long run.

8) Overweight People Should Take Great Care

If you are an overweight person then you should avoid or take great care while performing Hindu push-ups.

Otherwise, they can damage your muscles.

This is all for this article.

Let me answer some commonly asked questions.


1) How many Hindu push-ups should I perform as a beginner?

Well, it completely depends on your stamina and strength. However, it is good to start with 15-20 Hindu push-ups.

2) Why are push-ups called “Dands”?

Dand is an Indian word for arms and since push-ups mostly focus on arms, they are called “dands”.

3) Why Hindu push-up is considered the best exercise?

You can improve stamina, stability, flexibility, muscle endurance, and strength by doing just Hindu push-ups.

4) What is the best time to practice Hindu push-ups?

I found it best to practice Hindu push-ups early in the morning because they keep me energetic and fresh all day.

5) What do you eat after and before practicing Indian-style push-ups?

Before performing Hindu push-ups, I prefer eating 1-2 bananas (depending upon their size) and after exercise, I prefer to drink coconut water or lemonade adding a tbsp of honey.


Here, we have discussed the benefits of Hindu push-ups to our health and fitness.

I hope after reading these benefits, you will start practicing these traditional Indian push-ups soon.

If you have any questions related to the benefits of Hindu push-ups, You can ask me in the comment box.

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