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7 Best Neck Exercise Equipment in 2022 (Get Muscular Neck)

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Are you in search of the best neck workout equipment?

Don’t worry.

Here, I have listed the best neck exercise equipment that will help you strengthen your neck muscles.

People usually train their chest, shoulder, biceps, etc in the gym but they rarely train their neck.

I don’t know the reason but they don’t consider neck muscles worthy enough to be trained and it is one of their biggest mistakes.

The neck is one of the most important body parts.

It connects the brain to the rest of the body and being the most important junction, we should train it. Neck strengthening doesn’t even need more equipment.

You just need one or two neck-strengthening tools to train and strengthen your neck and today, we are going to discuss these tools in detail.

Before we start listing down the best neck exercise equipment, we have to understand a few other things related to them.

Let’s start.


Hawk Sports’ Neck Exercise Equipment is an ideal choice for you.

It is made up of high-quality neoprene material and includes a heavy-duty steel chain to suspend the weight of your choice.

Padding and fastening straps make this equipment adjustable for all face sizes.

Best neck exercise equipment by Hawk Sports

1. Advantages of Strengthening The Neck Muscles

Here, we will discuss the importance of training your neck muscles.

I am sure that these advantages will inspire you to buy the best neck-strengthening equipment and exercise with it.

1) Neck Training Improves Your Look

Having a thick, well-shaped, and well-toned neck definitely improves your look. By training your neck regularly, you can also improve your posture.

2) Reduces Stiffness

With regular gym exercises, our neck muscles get stiff and firm with time.

And believe me, if you are exercising with stiff and firm muscles, you are at a very high risk of neck injury.

If we regularly train the neck through flexion, rotation, and extension, we can get rid of neck stiffness and get a flexible neck.

3) Lowers The Risk of Injuries

I have seen many people getting their necks injured during weight training.

It is because during weight training exercises, their necks get high pressure and since their neck muscles are weak, they get damaged.

If you train your neck regularly, you can easily prevent future injuries.

4) Improves Balance, Coordination, and Stability

The neck is responsible for good coordination between the brain and other parts of the body.

It connects all the movements of the body by transmitting nerve impulses.

If your neck is weak then it will not perform its work efficiently and you may have coordination problems.

Improper balance is one of the major health problems after the forties.

And you can prevent this problem by practicing your neck regularly.

5) Improves The Blood Flow To The Brain

The neck is the only joint between the brain and the other body (where the heart resides).

So stimulating your neck muscles through various neck exercises, you can increase the blood flow to the brain.

These are a few advantages of training your neck muscles.

2. Why Choose These Neck Workout Equipment to Train Neck Muscles?

Now, I will tell you why you should choose the below-mentioned neck training equipment.

Let’s start.

1) You Can Perform Exercise Properly

Using the right neck strengthening tools, you can properly exercise your neck muscles.

These types of equipment will allow you to use precise weights and move your neck in a proper direction.

They properly fit your face and let you train smoothly. You can also use them while sitting or standing.

2) They Allow You to Use the Right Weights

These instruments allow you to use your desired weight plates for neck training.

They don’t come up with a fix weights. You can increase or decrease the weights in accordance with the capacity and strength of your neck muscles.

3) They are Pocket-Friendly

These neck exercise machines are available at an affordable price. Everyone can purchase and use them to tone their neck muscles.

4) You Can Use Them Everywhere

No matter whether you exercise at the gym or at your home, you can easily use these tools.

You can also bring them with you whenever you go outside of your home town or pack them in your gym bags and bring them to the gym and exercise.

5) You Can Practice Various Exercises

Using these neck exerciser tools, you can practice all the variations of neck exercises such as neck flexion, neck extension, and rotation.

Now, we will discuss the buying guide for purchasing the best neck exercisers.

Let’s start.

3. How to Buy The Best Neck Exercise Equipment?

Here, I will tell you the factors that you need to check before purchasing neck workout equipment.

1) It Must Fit Your Size

If the neck workout instrument does not fit your face, it will slip from your face during training and may cause injuries to your neck.

So, before choosing any neck exercise equipment, you have to ensure that it gets fit to your face.

Here, all the neck training tools we have listed are adjustable for all face sizes.

They all contain fastening straps that allow you to fit them according to your face size.

2) It Must Not Cause You Skin Allergies

Most of the neck training equipment in the USA is made up of neoprene material which remains in contact with your face skin.

If you are allergic to this material you should not buy such equipment.

3) It Must Be Stitched Well

You have to lift weights using this equipment.

If the stitches are not good, then the equipment won’t be durable for longer use. So, you have to ensure that the equipment is stitched well.

All the neck-strengthening tools we have mentioned below are extremely well-stitched.

4) The Chain or Strap Should Be Strong & Durable

All the neck workout tools include a chain or strap so that you can suspend the weight to lift it.

Here, you have to remember that the chain or strap should be made up of high-quality material so that they can last long.

Here, all the listed instruments contain a chain made up of heavy-duty steel or a strap made up of high-quality nylon.

5) Check For Any Guarantee or Warranty

It is better to know about the guarantee or warranty of the product before buying them.

Most of the products listed below provide a lifetime warranty to their customers. If you follow these guidelines, you will be able to buy the best neck training equipment.

Now, we will discuss the best neck exerciser instruments.

In fact, these neck strengtheners are among the best equipment available in the United States.

Let’s start.

4. List of The Best Neck Exercise Equipment In The USA

I have filtered these neck workout instruments based on my knowledge, study, experience, and in-depth research as a fitness & nutrition consultant.

1) ‎DMoose Fitness Neck Exerciser

DMoose Fitness provides one of the best neck strength equipment in the USA.

Best neck exercise equipment by DMoose Fitness

=> Product Overview

1) This neck exerciser is crafted with breathable neoprene, steel chain, and steel D rings.

2) It includes high-quality thick neoprene padding and high-quality nylon straps.

3) The chain used in this product is made from heavy-duty steel.

4) It is also available in the multiple color variations

5) Chin and head straps are adjustable for every face size.

6) Stitches are also of high quality.

7) Product weight is 0.5 kg.

8) You can also train your upper back muscles along with the neck muscles.

=> Pros & Cons of DMoose Fitness Neck Exerciser

  1. High-quality neoprene, nylon, and steel are used
  2. Stitches are strong
  3. Adjustable for all face sizes
  4. Multiple color variations are available
  5. Can bear high weights
  1. Doesn’t come up with weight plates
  2. It may not be good to fit with very small faces

2) Hawk Sports Neck Harness & Neck Exerciser Instrument

Hawk sports is one of the leading fitness equipment brands in the US which also manufactures and sells the best neck exercise equipment.

Best neck workout equipment by Hawk Sports

=> Product Overview

1) The neck support of this exercise equipment is made up of the highest quality neoprene (4 mm soft) material (black color).

2) It contains an extra-long adjustable chain that is made up of top-quality steel.

3) You can train your neck muscles as well as upper back muscles using this exercise equipment.

4) Since it comes with an adjustable Hook & Loop Velcro head strap & neck strap, everyone can wear it regardless of their head size.

5) Weight of this product is 0.41 kilograms and can bear up to 150 lbs (68 kgs).

6) The company also claims it to be the most affordable and high-quality neck exerciser tool.

7) It also includes 2 D adjustable side rings.

8) It includes breathable and sweat-wicking clothes that can be hand-washed.

9) Stitching is also powerful and heavy-duty.

=> Pros & Cons of Hawk Sports Neck Exerciser

  1. High-quality steel and neoprene are used
  2. Bear up to 150 lbs of weight
  3. Adjustable for every face size
  4. Extra long adjustable chain
  5. Lifetime warranty by the company
  6. Includes 2 D adjustable side rings
  1. Doesn’t come up with the weights/plates
  2. May slip from your face for higher weights

Buy The Best Weight Plates For Neck Exerciser HERE

3) Jayefo Neck Exercise Equipment (For Sensitive Skin)

Jayefo provides one of the best neck exercisers in the US market.

Best neck exercise equipment by Jayefo

=> Product Overview

1) If you have sensitive facial skin, you can use this product because its chin and head straps are made up of no rash-friendly material.

2) Chin strap is adjustable for any face size.

3) The material used to prepare straps and padding (5 mm) is breathable and doesn’t emit sweat odors.

4) It is triple-stitched for perfect strength.

5) It also contains a long chain made up of heavy-duty steel.

6) This product has a weight of 0.43 kg.

7) This neck exerciser tool can bear a weight of 500 lbs (226.79 kg).

8) Since all the materials used are of high quality, this equipment has very high durability.

=> Pros & Cons of Jayefo Neck Exercise Equipment

  1. Good durability
  2. Adjustable for any face
  3. Straps and padding are made up of no rash-friendly material
  4. The padding thickness is 5 mm which is good
  5. Steel to make chain is heavy duty
  6. Joints are triple stitched for max strength
  1. No weights are provided
  2. D rings hang at a very low level
  3. Padding and straps material is not mentioned

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4) RIMSports Neck Exercise Equipment

RIMSports neck exercise equipment is among the best neck training equipment in the USA.

Best neck exercise equipment by RIMSports

=> Product Overview

1) This exercise equipment comes with 4 D rings i.e, at the sides of your ears and also below your chin which supports you for complex exercises such as weighted lying neck extensions.

2) This neck weight lifting harness is prepared with premium cotton padding on the top, forehead, chin, and ears for comfort.

3) The side piping ensures that metal rings won’t rub against your skin during intense workouts.

4) Chin straps are made up of high-quality nylon whereas head padding is made up of thick neoprene.

5) The chain is manufactured from heavy-duty steel which is extremely durable for a long time.

6) This product has a weight of 0.64 kg.

7) The straps are adjustable for all face sizes.

=> Pros & Cons of RIMSports Neck Exerciser

  1. Adjustable for all face sizes
  2. Includes Four D rings
  3. High-quality neoprene, nylon, and steel are used
  4. Side pipings avoid face rubbing
  1. May slip from your face while using heavy weights
  2. Doesn’t come up with weight plates
  3. Comes with a single stitching

5) VIKINGSTRENGTH Neck Harness Neck Exercise Equipment

VIKINGSTRENGTH is one of the best fitness equipment brands in the USA that also sells the best neck exercise machines.

Best neck exercise equipment by VIKINGSTRENGTH

=> Product Overview

1) Padding and straps used in this neck training equipment are made of premium quality neoprene.

2) Forehead and chin straps are adjustable for every face size.

3) For extra strength while training, the double stitches are used to bind the joints

4) The steel used in this product is made up of heavy-duty steel.

5) This product comes with a storage bag so you can easily carry it along with you.

6) If you purchase this product, you get free access to a mobile application in which more than 750 exercise modules are included with in-depth instructions.

7) This product has a weight of 0.60 kg.

8) This headgear is also a very affordable option in comparison to other headgear in the USA.

=> Pros & Cons of VIKINGSTRENGTH Neck Exerciser

  1. Padding and straps are made up of high-quality neoprene materials
  2. Double stitched for extra strength
  3. Free access to mobile app
  4. Comes up with a free storage bag
  5. Pocket-friendly
  1. Doesn’t come up with weights
  2. Weight attachment rubs the ears
  3. The chin strap could be longer

6) HYPELETICS Neck Weight Lifting Harness (Chain Less)

HYPELETICS neck exercise tool is one of the top-rated neck strengthening equipment in the USA.

Best neck exercise equipment by HYPELETICS

=> Product Overview

1) Padding (thicker) and straps used in this neck training equipment are made of high-quality neoprene material.

2) Head and chin straps are adjustable for every face size.

3) Strong saddle stitches are used to provide extra strength to joints.

4) This neck trainer head harness’ hook-and-loop fastener allows you to adjust the harness to your exact face size.

5) In this neck exercise equipment, the company has used a lightweight padded strap (33 inches) instead of a heavy chain which makes you exercise with exact weights.

6) The weight of this product is 0.34 kg.

7) This product can handle up to 200 lbs (90 kgs) of weight during exercise.

8) It also includes two heavy-duty D rings.

=> Pros & Cons of HYPELETICS Neck Weightlifting Equipment

  1. Padding and straps are made up of high-quality neoprene materials
  2. Heavy saddle stitched for extra strength
  3. Pocket-friendly
  4. A lightweight strap helps you practice with the exact amounts of weights
  5. Two metal D rings are given to suspend the heavyweights
  1. Metal rings smash ears during lifts
  2. No extra weights are provided
  3. A lightweight strap may not be more durable

7) Iron Neck Exercise Equipment For Neck Training (Chain less)

Iron Neck sells one of the best neck workout equipment in the USA.

Best neck workout equipment by IRON NECK

=> Product Overview

1) This neck workout equipment comes up with 4 side clips and 2 hanging clips that allow you to practice both sides as well as up and down.

2) It is made up of durable, high-strength materials such as nylon and neoprene.

3) This head harness can be used to perform traditional weighted neck exercises as well as rotational movements.

4) This neck training harness kit includes a 40-inch nylon strap (instead of a steel chain) and 2 strong metal carabiners for a secure and reliable attachment.

5) It also includes 2 ‘doggy ears’ to prevent the smashing of metal rings on your face while lifting.

6) It is made from soft webbing and breathable neoprene so you won’t have a sweating issue.

7) Fastening straps allow you to bind this neck exercise equipment tightly to your face.

8) Forehead and chin padding are adjustable for every face size.

9) The weight of this product is 0.89 kg.

=> Pros & Cons of Iron Neck Exerciser

  1. Made of high-quality breathable neoprene material
  2. Adjustable for all the faces
  3. Includes 4 side rings and 2 hanging rings
  4. Also comes up with two ‘doggy ears’
  5. A strap instead of a chain allows you to practice with exact weights
  1. A lightweight strap instead of a steel chain may not be durable in the long run
  2. It doesn’t come with extra weight so you have to buy it from other sources

These are a few best neck-strengthening exercise equipment.

You can purchase any of them without worrying about their qualities.

5. Remember These Before Training With Neck Exercise Equipment

Many people complain about neck pain, muscle stiffness, and dizziness after training with these tools.

If you want to avoid these problems, you have to follow the below points.

1) Exercise Smoothly & Slowly

Neck muscles and neck bones are weak in comparison to other muscles and bones of the body.

If we give them jerks while training, they may get damaged especially during lifting weights using the neck exercisers.

So, we should always ensure that our neck exercise session should be slow and smooth.

2) Slowly Increase The Weight

It is a common mistake that every beginner do.

Being a beginner, you should always start with lower weights and gradually increase them.

If you want a thicker and more muscular neck, we have to ensure that we increase the weight slowly.

Otherwise, you will have injuries.

3) Don’t forget to warm up and stretch

Warming up your neck muscle before the neck training and stretching it after the workout is very necessary.

It will help you prevent muscle soreness and injuries.

If you keep these points in mind, you will be able to train your neck muscle without having any injuries.

Now, let me answer commonly asked questions.

=> FAQs

1) What are the limitations of neck exercise equipment?

One of the biggest limitations that I feel is that you can’t train your side neck muscles (sternocleidomastoid) properly. Though you can perform side moves, that’s not much effective to train side neck muscles.

2) Which muscle group you can precisely train with neck exercise equipment?

The front and back neck muscles are the best muscle groups that you can train using these neck training tools.

3) Can I wash all these neck training tools?

You should only wash them with your hands using only water.

4) How often should I train my neck muscles?

Just like the other muscle groups, you can train your neck muscle once or twice a week.

5) Are these neck workout equipment costly?

Not at all. They all reside in the price range of 15$ to 20$.

=> Final Thoughts On The Best Neck Exercise Equipment

Choosing the right neck exercise equipment to train and strengthen your neck muscles is very important.

Here, we have discussed the best neck workout equipment.

All the tools mentioned here are manufactured by top-rated brands in the USA with high-quality materials. You can buy any of these neck training equipment in accordance with your face size, sensitive skin, budget, etc.

If you have any questions related to the best neck exercise equipment, you can ask me in the comment box. If you like this article, share it with your friends.

Thanks for reading…!!!

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