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Exercise for biceps at home- A to Z exercises to grow killer biceps

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This is the most comprehensive guide on exercise for biceps at home.

Have you seen anyone checking his body? What does he do first?

He checks his Biceps…right?

Everyone who joins the gym tries to do biceps exercise first.

Because everyone wants stronger and more muscular biceps.

Well, it is somehow easy for “Gym-goers” to make biceps easily (not that much easy). But what for those who want to exercise at home?

Can they make strong and muscular biceps by exercising at home?

Of course yes, they can.

Here we will discuss the exercise for biceps at home that will surely help you to get bigger, and stronger biceps.

But let’s first start with cares that every beginner should take, advantages and disadvantages of exercising at home.

exercise for bicpes at home

Cares that every beginner should take

Before starting any exercise for biceps at home, we have to discuss some cares that should be taken no matter you are a beginner or pro.

1) Warm-up properly before starting exercise.

No matter where you are exercising at the gym or at home, warm-up is a must. It keeps you away from injuries. Because when you start exercising, your muscles are stiff and if you suddenly start exercising it can cause injuries.

2) Start with light exercise

If you are a beginner always start with a lightweight that you can manage easily. So it will be easy to perform every exercise perfectly. Because only exercising properly can clear your way to bigger and stronger biceps.

3) Pain = No gain

Yes, you have read it correctly. If you continue doing exercise when it is paining, you will get nothing but injury. Stop exercising immediately if it hurts you.

4) Maintain a good form

Have you ever exercised without mood? If yes, you can understand how unproductive those exercises are.

Maintain the perfect form for every repetition of every exercise. If you don’t have the form, you won’t get the benefits of exercise.

5) Never give up

Look, bodybuilding is not a short-term game. It takes time. When you start exercising at home, there is a possibility that you won’t be able to see the gains for a few 1-2 months.

But please don’t give up. It takes time but the results that it gives are wonderful.

6) Take a rest

Many people when starts exercising, they exercise daily and don’t give their bodies a proper rest. But it is not right. It is because your muscles need rest once or twice a week.

So schedule your exercise such as your body rest for one or two days.

According to my experience, you should exercise for 5 days and rest for 2 days.

never give up exercising

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Advantages of Home exercises

1) It is flexible

Your gym at home will always be open so you can do exercise whenever you want. You are not bound by time.

2) No infection

In the gym, many people come to work out. The gym is just an ac chamber surrounded by mirrors. You have to inhale others’ breathe.

You come in touch with equipment touched by a person who may be suffering from infections.

In the gym, you also come across many people who have hygiene issues.

At home, you are alone to exercise. So you don’t have to worry about these all.

3) It saves your time

You go to the gym, you come from the gym, you groom yourself before going to the gym, these all take time. If you do exercises at home then you can save lots of time.

It is often seen that we have to wait for someone to complete his sets. That is also time-consuming.

4) It is cost-effective

You can purchase many types of equipment at the cost of one year’s gym fees. These all equipment also won’t go anywhere. They will be always with you.

save money by exercising home

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Drawbacks of home exercises

  • You can’t purchase all costly equipment
  • You don’t get the benefits of a personal trainer. However there some companies who offer personal trainer at home
  • You require too much weight to perform high intense squats. That is only possible in the gym.
  • If you don’t have enough space, you can’t bring various types of equipment to your home gym.

But if you are serious enough to start home exercise for biceps at home then here is the complete guide.

Exercise for biceps at home

Look, no matter where you exercise at home or at the gym, the patterns of exercise for biceps at home will be the same. Here we will discuss how we can perform the same gym exercises at home.

1) Self resisted Biceps curls

This exercise is for beginners. You can change the intensity level as per your strength.

Steps –

1) Stand with your knees slightly bent, put down your non-dominant arm at your side with your palm facing forward.
Put your opposite palm over your wrist.

2) Make a fist with the hand that you want to exercise, then perform the biceps curl exercise with that hand while making the other hand resist another one.

3) Alternate the resisting hand and performing hand.

This is the simplest exercise for biceps at home. You don’t need any type of equipment to perform this exercise.

self resisting exercise for biceps at home

2) Biceps with sand bucket

The biceps curl that we do with dumbbells in the gym, can be done at home with sand buckets. You also can purchase a set of dumbbells to do exercise for the biceps at home.

Fill two buckets with sand and you can start biceps curl at home.

If you have a strong rod in your house, you can also perform biceps barbell exercises at home.

Use different grips such as wider grip, narrower grip, etc.

You can also use stones or bricks to train your biceps.

lifting sand bucket

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3) Biceps with resistance band

The resistance band is pocket-friendly and easy-to-keep equipment. You can purchase it online also.

Exercising with a resistance band gives you the same experience as you do biceps exercises in the gym with cables.

Even if you are out of town for office work or for something else, you can carry it with you.

You can also train your other muscles such as triceps, shoulder, back, legs with it.

You can check variants of this exercise on youtube.

Resistance Bands

4) Pull-ups or chin-ups

Pull-ups or chin-ups are considered the best exercises to strengthen your biceps as well as forehands.

You can also purchase the pull bar from the market and keep it at home or you can find a place at home where you can perform pull-ups easily.

I was used to doing this exercise at the door grill and after 1.5 years I purchased the pull-up bar.

Is it necessary to purchase a pull-up bar?

No, not necessary but if you want good and various grips to perform different exercises then you must go for it. Today, pull-up bars with different grips are available in the market.

Pull ups workout pull up bar stock illustrations

(Variants of the pull-up exercise)

5) Rope Climbing – The best biceps exercise ever

If anyone asks me a question about the best biceps exercise, I will always answer “Rope climbing”. This exercise is also included in the army training.

This exercise requires the ferocious intensity to perform. It doesn’t only strengthen the biceps but also increases the stamina of the body.

It also increases the gripping strength and builds biceps muscle mass.

This exercise is also used to train commandos then why shouldn’t we do this?

rope climbing for biceps

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6) Indian clubs

Indian clubs are being used for thousands of years in India and its surrounding countries. It is a part of “pehalwani kasrat” (wrestler’s exercise).

It is considered best for biceps, gripping strength, shoulders, and triceps.

It also strengthens chest muscles.

It is also said that ancient kings were used to doing this exercise to build their strength.

That’s it is considered the best exercise for biceps at home.

mugdar or Indian club

It is very easy to keep Indian clubs at home. They don’t acquire much space. They usually are not available market. But you can find them on online marketplaces.

The image you can see above consists of three mugdars at my home. Their weights are 5 kg,8 kg, and 12 kg.

This exercise has lots of variants. You can do all of them with just one piece of equipment.

That’s so nice naa???

You can search on youtube about how to use Indian clubs.

Biceps with towel

This is also an amazing exercise to exercise your biceps. Use a towel and legs to provide resistance and try to pull the towel up to the chest.

This will give you the same exercise as you perform with cable rope in the gym.

Biceps cable curls in gym Young attractive muscular bodybuilder doing cable biceps curl exercise in modern fitness center. Toned image. biceps with rope stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

(the same exercise you can perform with the towel at home)

I think all these exercises are more than enough to strengthen and grow muscular biceps.

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Equipment that you can buy to exercise for biceps at home

If you are thinking to set up a home gym but lack space in your house then here we are going to discuss some amazing pieces of equipment that are easy to keep at home.

1) Resistance band

As mentioned above, a resistance band is a perfect piece of equipment that gives the same experience of performing cable exercise at the gym.

You should purchase it if you are serious enough to exercise anywhere.

resistance band

2) A Pull-up bar

Good gripping and its laser targetting to the biceps makes it a perfect piece of equipment. You can purchase the isolated pull-up bar or a pull-up bar that needs to be fitted at the wall.

It depends on the type of your house.

What I recommend is, if you have a budget, you should go for an isolated one because it is movable whereas another one is fitted at the wall.

However, you can also make your own pull-up bat at home.

Happy smiling young man goes in for sports at his home Happy smiling young man goes in for sports doing pull-up exercises on horizontal bar at his home pull up bar at home stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

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3) Biceps exerciser spring

It is like a tummy trimmer available in the market. It gives the perfect experience of doing cable curls in the gym with both hands.

biceps exerciser

4) Mugdar

It is also called the Indian club. It is made from wood (especially Bengali Babala). As mentioned above, it acquires low space and wants less maintenance.

The image of mugdar is shown above. It is also available on online marketplaces such as amazon.

5) Barbells and weights

You can purchase it as per your house space and budget.

But you will need them as your stamina is increased. Rather than going online, it is better to purchase them from a local shop.

As per your need, buy a straight or curl barbell or buy both ones for different grips.

Barbell, Weightlifting, Gym, Lifting

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However, you can purchase other types of equipment also but starting with all these will provide you a good boost in your journey of doing exercise for biceps at home.

Stretching exercise for biceps at home

As we all know that stretching after exercising is very important. When we stretch our muscles, more blood can reach that muscle which speeds up its recovery.

As here we are discussing the stretching exercise only for biceps, we won’t discuss the other body stretches.

1) Biceps stretch

Do this stretch for both hands alternatively.

 stretching exercise for biceps

2) Biceps towel stretch

biceps towel stretch

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3) Hand stretch downward

downward hand stretching

4) Both hand stretching

The same exercise you can do by stretching your both hands backward.

both hand stretching

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Here, we have discussed almost all possible exercises for biceps at home. Doing them properly and on regular basis can increase the strength as well as muscle mass of the biceps.

Let’s summarize this article

Cares that every beginner should take.

1) Warm-up properly before starting exercise.

2) Start with light exercise

3) Pain = No gain

4) Maintain a good form

5) Never give up

6) Take a rest

Advantages of Home exercises

1) It is flexible

2) No infection

3) It saves your time

4) It is cost-effective

Exercise for biceps at home

1) Self resisted biceps exercise

2) Biceps with sand bucket

3) Biceps with resistance band

4) Pull-ups or chin-ups

5) Rope climbing

6) Indian club or mugdar

7) Biceps with towel

I hope this article will help you decide which exercise you can do to build your biceps at home. If you like this article share it with your EXERCISE FREAK BUDDIES.

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