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27 Best Foods To Boost Testosterone Naturally (100% Effective)

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This is the ultimate guide on foods to boost testosterone naturally.

Here I will give you a list of foods that can help you increase your testosterone levels naturally.

Consuming the foods that boost testosterone levels is the easiest way to increase your testosterone naturally.

1. What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is the male sex hormone.

Women also have testosterone but in a very small amount.

In men, 95% of testosterone is produced inside the testicles and a very small amount of testosterone is produced in the adrenal glands.

Testosterone molecule structure - foods to boost testosterone levels naturally

In males, testosterone is responsible for the production of sperm and for developing and maintaining male sexual characteristics.

The secretion of testosterone is mainly governed by gonadotropin levels in the blood. Testosterone levels are measured in nanograms/decilitre (ng/dL).

Most mature men produce around 4-7 mg of testosterone a day. The testosterone levels in the blood vary throughout the day.

In the morning, testosterone levels are maximum and in the evening they are low. Testosterone has profound effects if its levels of it in the body are adjusted.

Hormone production chart Sex hormone production in men and women

Now, we will discuss the nutrients that your foods should have to increase your testosterone.

2. What Nutrients Should Your Food Contain to Boost Testosterone Levels

Any food to help you increase your testosterone levels should be rich in several vitamins and minerals.

These vitamins and minerals are,

1) Vitamin D

It is the most important vitamin to increase your testosterone levels. Though sunlight is the best source, you can consume cod liver oil, fish, caviar, mushrooms, eggs, etc.

2) Vitamin A

Studies have shown that testosterone level starts to drop when there is not enough vitamin A in your body. So try to consume carrots, sweet potatoes, tuna, eggs, and dark leafy greens.

3) Vitamin E

According to some studies, vitamin E stimulates the production of testosterone.

Best sources –

  • Nuts and seeds (Almonds and sunflower seed especially)
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Avocados

4) Vitamin K2

It is the most underrated vitamin hardly talked about anywhere.

But it is great for boosting testosterone because it helps our body absorb more vitamin D.

You should eat cheese, eggs, butter, and chicken, etc. to ensure its optimal level in the body.

5) Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals in our human body.

From regulating blood sugar to helping with your nerve and muscle function to maintaining fluid balance magnesium does them all.

Several studies also show that daily consumption of 750 mg of magnesium around 4 weeks increases testosterone to 26%.

To ensure its optimal level you should eat Dark leafy greens, seafood, and nuts.

6) Boron

Same as magnesium, boron is also important food to boost testosterone naturally.

source – Boron is found in the earth’s soil so it is generally found in plant-based foods like,

Potatoes, onions,carrots,beans,broccoli,soinach,kale,bananas,red apples and grapes,raisins,nuts and avacados, etc

Studies show that consumption of 10 mg of boron per day is enough to double the ratio of testosterone to estrogen.

7) Selenium

Selenium is required to produce some enzymes which are important in the production of testosterone.

In 2012 one study was done to know the selenium level in fertile and infertile men.

Scientists found that selenium level was much lower in infertile men as compared to fertile men.

Source – Brazil nuts are high in selenium but consume just two or three per day. it is because they can affect negatively too.

8) Copper

The last nutrient we are going to discuss is copper.

Copper enhances the signal sent from the brain’s hypothalamus to the testicles which helps increase testosterone production.

Its regular consumption can increase the luteinizing hormone by 68%.

As mentioned earlier, the luteinizing hormone controls the level of testosterone produced by testicles.

Source – Seasame seeds, sunflower seed, cashews, lentils, walnuts, and lima beans.

If you eat foods rich in these vitamins and minerals, you can easily skyrocket your testosterone naturally.

Now, let’s discuss the foods to increase your testosterone levels naturally.

3. Foods to Boost Testosterone Naturally

1) Whole Eggs

Here I am recommending whole eggs because there are many people who only eat the white part of the egg and remove the yolk which is a wrong practice.

In reality, the yolk of the egg increases the testosterone level.

Whole eggs are rich in many vitamins, minerals, saturated and polyunsaturated fats, protein, and HDL cholesterol.

These all are essential for the sufficient production of testosterone. Many people avoid eating eggs because they contain cholesterol.

But the truth is they contain HDL cholesterol which is the good cholesterol that is required to produce testosterone. So eggs are not bad for your heart.

Eggs (foods to boost testosterone naturally)

2) Grass-fed Beef

Red meat is great to increase the production of testosterone but try to stick to the grass-fed variety.

I am saying this because the caged animals are often given unnatural feed, anti-biotics, and growth injections.

Since we are talking about the foods to boost testosterone naturally, I will recommend grass-fed animal meat only.

Also, remember not to consume red meat more as they are one of the foods that cause constipation.

Grass-fed beef (foods to boost testosterone naturally)

3) Pumpkin seeds

The pumpkin seeds are a great source of zinc, vitamin K and magnesium.

You might know that zinc is the most important micronutrient to increase testosterone production. Zinc controls the aromatase in your body.

The aromatase converts androgen into estrogen. If we consume pumpkin seeds in enough amounts, we can maintain a good level of zinc in the body.

That’s why pumpkin seeds are considered one of the best foods that increase your testosterone.

pumpkin seeds

4) Figs

Figs are one of the foods to increase your testosterone levels.

They are rich in antioxidants, zinc, potassium, iron, and manganese. These minerals help in the production of testosterone.

Dried Figs isolated on white background

5) Chicken liver

Chicken liver is full of zinc and vitamin K. These both are extremely important for the production of testosterone.

So it is part of the list of foods to boost testosterone naturally.

chicken liver

6) Kidney beans

Kidney beans are one of the beans that help us boost our testosterone levels.

They are full of protein, zinc, and magnesium and are a good source of energy too.

red kidney beans on white background

7) Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are among the healthiest nuts present on the earth.

If we consume brazil nuts regularly, we can easily increase the levels of testosterone.

They are full of selenium which supports the production of testosterone. They also contain healthy fats that we need most to increase testosterone levels.

Raw Braziil Nuts

8) Minced Meat

It can be from any animal source, such as beef, lamb, pork, or even turkey.

It is a good source of saturated fats and protein, which are required for testosterone production and overall body growth.

9) Red Grapes

The skin of the red grapes contains resveratrol which is an aromatase killer.

As we mentioned earlier, aromatase is found in our body which converts androgen into estrogen.

As red grapes contain aromatase killers, they can help us boost testosterone.

Consuming the skins of red grapes can prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen and allow more free testosterone to float in the blood.

So red grapes can be considered one of the best foods to boost testosterone naturally. They are also one of the foods highly rich in dietary fiber.

Close up of a small bunch of red grapes Red grapes isolated on white background red grapes stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images


10) Avocados

Avocados are one of the best fruits that boost your testosterone levels.

We know that all fruits other than avocados contain carbs and natural sugar. But avocados are somewhat different.

They are predominantly made up of fats. This is what makes the avocado a must-have fruit for boosting testosterone production.

Apart from monosaturated fats, it contains lots of vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin K2, and vitamin B and minerals like copper, magnesium, and potassium.

avacados on white background (foods to boost testosterone naturally)

11) Banana

Banana is a very good source of vitamin K. This fruit also contains a mineral called bromelain.

It has been proved that this mineral boosts the production of testosterone.

banana bunch

12) Almonds

Almonds are rich in zinc.

Every man who wants to increase testosterone levels must consume at least 50 mg of zinc on daily basis in order to maintain the proper testosterone levels.


13) Strawberries

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, magnesium, and lots of antioxidants.

Vitamin C is found to reduce cortisol levels. This results in the increment of testosterone.

strawberry (foods to boost testosterone naturall)


14) Watermelons

They contain citrulline. It is an amino acid that is broken down to release arginine.

Arginine increases the blood flow, which helps testosterone distribution around the body.

That is why we have placed it on the list of foods to boost testosterone naturally.

whole and slices

15) Garlic

Garlic reduces the cortisol level in the body. Thus it promotes more estrogen to produce inside the body.

16) Mushrooms

Mushroom is a powerful anti-estrogenic food. They contain polysaccharides that inhibit the functioning of aromatase.


17) Cabbage

Cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable and a rich source of carbinol, which acts as an estrogen blocker.

Broccoli is also the same as cabbage, it also works as an estrogen blocker. The less estrogen your body has, the more testosterone it produces.

That is why cabbage is a praised member of the list of foods to boost testosterone.


18) Spinach

If there exists a great way to get magnesium from food then it is only from spinach.

Spinach is a great source of magnesium as well as vitamin B and iron which makes it one of the best foods to boost testosterone naturally.

It is also rich in calcium and magnesium.

Magnesium increases testosterone production and calcium stimulates the testosterone in the body.

That’s why spinach is considered one of the best foods to increase testosterone levels naturally.

Now I understand why popeye the sailor man was so powerful! 🙂

Bunch of spinach leaves on isolated white background

19) Asparagus

It is a natural aphrodisiac full of vitamin B, vitamin K, potassium, and magnesium.

These are the main components that our body needs to produce a sufficient amount of testosterone.

Green asparagus sticks

20) Salmon

It is the source of vitamin D and omega 3.

Apart from these two, it is also a good source of dietary cholesterol and selenium.

This is what makes the salmon a great testosterone booster.

Fresh raw salmon

21) Tuna

It is also a good source of vitamin D3 and omega 3 and can be considered a good testosterone booster.

22) Shellfish

There are many testosterone-boosting micronutrients in shellfish like zinc, selenium, and vitamin D3.

That is why it is a member of the list of foods to boost testosterone naturally.


23) Oysters

Oysters are a good source of zinc, magnesium, copper, and selenium.

These all components are extremely helpful to increase testosterone levels in the body.


24) Olive oil

Olive oil contains a good amount of monosaturated fats, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds. Try to go for extra virgin olive oil for its purity.

Olive oil bottle isolated on a white background. Olive oil in a glass bottle and green olives isolated over a white background olive oil stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

25) Coconut oil

As compared to any other oil, coconut oil is a very good testosterone booster.

It contains saturated fat which is a high testosterone booster. Coconut oil also reduces cortisol level in the body and give raise to testosterone.

That is why we consider it among the foods to boost testosterone naturally.

Coconut oil

26) Potatoes

Potatoes are a good source of carbohydrates that are essential for the production of testosterone.

Potatoes provide the slow-releasing energy that prevents fluctuations in blood sugar while reducing cortisol levels.


27) Pineapple

It is also a good source of testosterone booster bromelain, magnesium, and zinc. Bromelain is very useful for our body because it helps our body digest more protein.

You might have observed some professional bodybuilders and athletes eat a slice of pineapple with every meal.

So they can maintain their testosterone level and increase their post-workout recovery.

Bromelain also reduces inflammation which makes your joints work better.


Here we have discussed 27 foods to boost testosterone naturally.

I hope these foods will help you increase your testosterone levels.

Add at least 5-6 foods to your diet for maintaining a sufficient amount of testosterone in your body.

If you have any questions related to the best foods to boost testosterone, you can ask me in the comment box.

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