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21 Unrevealed Health Benefits of Rock Salt

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Today, most people use white table salt because they are not aware of the bad effects of table salt on their health.

They also don’t know about the process through which sea salt is converted into white table salt.

When you will get to know the adverse effects of table salt and the benefits of rock salt, I am sure that you will replace your salt with rock salt.

So, let’s start with why white table salt is injurious to your health. Then we will discuss what is rock salt and its health benefits.

1. Why Table Salt is Not Good For Your Health?

Table salt that is generally available in the market consist of 97.5% of sodium chloride and 2.5% of other components.

So we can say that table salt provides just sodium chloride and nothing else.

Table salt is also heated at a very high temperature to dry it. This process damages the organic structure of natural sea salt.

So, the table salt we consume is nothing else but the artificial chemical type of salt which doesn’t contain any kind of nutrients.

When such type of salt is consumed, it can be the reason for skin swelling, hypertension, high blood pressure, bloating, etc.

Table salt can also be the reason for kidney and gall bladder stones, arthritis, and gout.

Intaking excess amounts of table salt is also one of the major reasons behind obesity.

This synthetic table salt is also added with potassium iodate which tends to lower the sperm count and causes impotency.

Looking at the numerous disadvantages of table salt, it is far better to replace table salt with rock salt. It is because rock salt is extremely useful for your health rather than table salt.

Now, we will discuss what is rock salt and its health benefits of rock salt.

2. What is Rock Salt?

Rock salt is also called the “Himalayan pink salt” or “sendha namak”.

While table salt is prepared from the water of the ocean or salt lake, rock salt is directly mined from the salt range mountains which makes it the purest and most natural salt.

Where table salt is only loaded with sodium and chloride, rock salt contains 84 out of 92 trace minerals that are essential for human life.

Why Rock Salt is available in the form of Crystal?

The massive pressure on the earth’s crust caused the development of the perfectly structured rock salt crystal. If you look at these crystals they look the same as gemstones.

rock salt crystals: Health benefits of rock salt

These rock salt crystals are pure, organic, natural, uncontaminated, and unadulterated.

If we start using rock salt in our daily life, it provides numerous benefits to our health.

Now, we will discuss the health benefits of rock salt.

3. The Health Benefits of Rock Salt

I am pretty sure that after reading these benefits of rock salt, you will definitely replace it with white table salt.

Let’s start.

1) Rock Salt Improves The Bone Strength

It is one of my personal favorite health benefits of rock salt.

Our daily diet of processed food and refined foods can’t provide us with the necessary trace minerals.

Due to the lack of certain trace minerals, our bones lose their strength.

As mentioned above, rock salt is full of minerals. It can fulfill the body’s need for trace minerals.

The formation of these minerals is such that our body can easily digest them.

The bone beneficiary minerals that are found in rock salt are,

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Silicon
  • Phosphorous
  • Manganese
  • Sulfur
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Iodine
  • Vanadium
  • Fluoride (highly important for bones and teeth. It provides resistance to the cavity)

2) Rock Salt Improves The Quality of Your Sleep

According to sleep and sleep disorder professionals, if you consume a low sodium diet your sleep tends to get disturbed at night.

It also makes you awake more frequently during sleep.

If you intake a high sodium diet then you tend to sleep more during the day and less at night. A high sodium diet also makes you weak.

In short, a higher and lower sodium diet disturbs your sleep. So you have to consume in enough amounts so that it can’t hurt your health.

Now, the table salt that we usually use in food is extremely loaded with sodium so there is a great chance that we intake higher amounts of sodium.

Rock salt is a combination of different minerals which are necessary for our health. It also contains sodium in optimum amounts.

That’s why it also improves the quality of sleep.

rock salt improves the quality of sleep

3) Rock Salt Improves Vascular Health

As we mentioned above rock salt is full of minerals that are necessary for our health. Due to this property of rock salt, it can also improve vascular health.

If we keep noble gases and some radioactive elements of the periodic table aside, we can find almost every mineral in rock salt.

Many things can keep your heart healthy but rock salt helps to improve heart function as well as the functions of arteries, veins, capillary vessels, etc.

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4) Rock Salt Provides Relief in Menstrual Cramps

50% of adult women and 90% of teenage girls are affected by menstrual cramps.

These menstrual cramps are followed by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, migraine, etc.

Most women rely on medicines to cure or lower the pain but medicines only hide the pain and don’t treat the root cause of the pain.

There is a study that shows that rock salt can also be used to provide relief in menstrual cramps.

Rock salt balances the fluids in your body. It also provides the necessary minerals to your body which helps your body to recover from the blood loss.

Rock salt provides you relief from the pain and also doesn’t put any stress on your liver and kidney as prescribed medicines put.

It also lowers your cortisol levels and reduces swelling.

So, if you want to get organic relief from menstrual cramps then you should start adding rock salt to your foods in place of normal table salt.

5) Rock Salt Improves Digestion

The main cause of indigestion is partially digested foods. When your body can’t digest what it consumes, you suffer from indigestion.

Chewing foods and the presence of gastric acid in the stomach are the two most important things that affect your digestion most.

If you don’t properly chew your food or your stomach doesn’t contain enough acid then your body can’t digest the food well.

If you include rock salt in your regular diet then it can ensure the secretion of gastric acid in the stomach in optimal amounts and it also maintains the pH.

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rock salt improves digestion

6) Rock Salt Can be Used to Treat Sore Throat

It is one of the best health benefits of rock salt.

When your gland fights any kind of infection, it tends to cause swelling.

It is because your gland works very hard to pump out the white cells that fight infection-causing viruses or bacteria.

Due to this swelling, you feel pain while eating, drinking, or swallowing something. So, we can say that the pain you feel is an indication that your body is fighting infection.

Gargling with lukewarm water with added rock salt 3-5 times a day is best, effective, and also recommended by the American Cancer Society.

But why rock salt…can I use table salt?

Of course, when it comes to gargling, you can also use table salt but the anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of rock salt are better than table salt.

Rock salt also has energy-balancing properties which help you obtain the ultimate health.

7) Rock Salt Helps to Relieve Muscle Cramps

Imbalance in the salt and electrolyte is deeply linked with each other and can be a reason for muscle cramps.

When you exercise more in heat, you become more prone to getting muscle cramps.

It is because when you exercise in the heat, you tend to lose more electrolytes in the form of sweat.

The imbalance of potassium electrolytes is also considered the cause of muscle cramps.

We know that rock salt is a combination of various electrolytes so it can be used to relieve muscle cramps and pain.

Here, you have to note that the rock salt can reduce your muscles’ susceptibility to muscle cramps and doesn’t prevent muscle cramps.

Few Ways to Prevent Muscle Cramps:

  • Do proper warmup before a workout
  • Stretch your body after a workout (Especially quads, hamstring, and calf muscles)
  • Take a rock salt bath regularly

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8) Rock Salt Can Also Be Used to Treat Ear Infection

Helping in the treatment of ear infections is one of the best health benefits of rock salt.

Infection in the ear can cause pulsing, pounding, and intense pain inside the ear.

We have to take anti-biotic medicines in order to treat it which can lower your immune system.

However, you can use rock salt to treat your ear infection without any side effects.

If you can detect the symptoms of an ear infection then you can easily treat it at the very beginning.

What are the symptoms of an ear infection?

  • Wooziness
  • Pain in the ear
  • Short-term hearing loss
  • A clogged feeling in the ears

=> How to use rock salt to treat an ear infection?

You have to make a solution using rock salt and water. Put 2-3 drops of this solution in your ears.

The anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of rock salt will provide you relief from an ear infection soon.

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9) Rock Salt Can Prevent The Dental Cavities

Preventing dental cavities is one of the best benefits of rock salt.

Washing your mouth with water added with salt is one of the best ways to take care of your teeth.

But if we use rock salt instead of any ordinary table salt then the advantages will be very high.

Rock salt contains potassium which prevents the gums from bleeding. It also contains calcium which provides strength and whiteness to your teeth.

Swishing the water containing rock salt can kill the pathogenic agents, bacteria, and germs present in your mouth.

So, rock salt can also improve overall oral health.

10) Rock salt improves metabolism

One of the benefits of rock salt is that it improves your metabolism.

There are several studies that show that daily consumption of rock salt can improve your metabolism as well as digestion.

11) It helps in keeping the blood pressure normal

Rock salt contains a high amount of potassium which is very much beneficial for a person with high blood pressure problem.

Other Health Benefits of Rock Salt

12) It helps in boosting the immunity of your body

13) It is also helpful in the treatment of sinus

14) It promotes weight loss

15) It helps in balancing the inner pH of the body

16) It helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels

17) Rock salt helps to maintain the water level in the human body

18) Using soap made up of rock salt can slow down the aging process

19) Rock salt promotes the production of cellular hydroelectric energy

20) It promotes the absorption of essential minerals in the intestine.

21) It prevents cellulite

Comparison of legs with and without cellulite Comparison of female legs thighs with and without cellulite. Skin problem, body care, overweight and dieting concept. cellulite stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images


These are a few health advantages of Himalayan pink salt.

4. Should You Replace Table Salt With Rock Salt Completely?

Though there are numerous health benefits of rock salt, nutritionists and registered dietists don’t recommend replacing table salt with rock salt completely.


According to them, table salt that is available on the market is rich in iodine and a great source of iodine for humans.

If your body is getting enough amounts of iodine then you can replace it otherwise it is advisable to use both of them.

One thing you also should remember is that though rock salt has lots of benefits, that doesn’t mean you should consume it in large amounts.

The consumption of any salt should always be within the limit.


Here, we have discussed the health benefits of rock salt.

The above-mentioned rock salt benefits are more than enough for us to switch from ordinary table salt to rock salt. However, you are requested to make this change slowly.

Don’t change your salt suddenly.

If you have any questions related to the health benefits of rock salt, you can ask me in the comment box.

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