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10 most common causes of low testosterone

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This is the full guide on the causes of low testosterone.

Here, we will discuss the most common causes of low testosterone that will help you prevent them to maintain the optimal levels of testosterone.

We often just focus on just boosting testosterone or the importance of testosterone, but we should also focus on causes of low testosterone. So we can prevent whatever affects our bodies to produce low testosterone.

Having a low testosterone level is not a bad thing. Instead, if we know about our low testosterone levels, we can take a good step to increase testosterone levels.

In this article, we will be discussing the causes of low testosterone so that you can get aware of these and try to avoid or eliminate them.

Here the causes of low testosterone are not limited to these only. There can be many more reasons behind the decrement in testosterone production in your body.

1. What is testosterone?

Testosterone is the principal male hormone responsible for the men-like characteristics in males. It is the chief hormone among the group of androgen hormones.

You might not know but in greek “androgen” means “man maker”. Leydig cells produce testosterone. These cells are present inside the testicles.

They produce testosterone in the presence of Luteinizing hormone (LH). Testosterone is the steroid hormone from the group of androgens. Women also produce testosterone in their ovaries.

but in a very small amount. Testosterone is also responsible for the growth of testicles and the penis. It also promotes semen production in your body.

It is also the cause of aggressive behavior and strength in men. It also helps the growth of strong and lean muscle.

During puberty and adolescence, the production of testosterone reaches its peak. After the age of 30, it starts dropping by 1% every year. So you can see the drop of almost 10% in a decade.

As testosterone has much importance in our body, we have to ensure its optimal level. We can boost testosterone levels naturally or by taking testosterone boosters.

There are also some foods that can help you boost testosterone.

Testosterone molecule

2. Causes of Low testosterone in your body

The testosterone level in our body decreases when testicles decrease the production of testosterone. There are various causes of low testosterone.

Low testosterone starts with a complex chain of signals that starts in the brain. This chain is known as the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis where a very intricate physiological sequence of events is triggered.

The production of two hormones by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus decreases which results in the Leydig cells of testicles producing less testosterone.

1) Aging

Aging is one of the main causes of low testosterone levels in your body. It is very natural also.

In the scientific studies, it is proved that every man on average loses 1% of his testosterone level every year. But it is very important to understand that aging is not the only cause of testosterone deficiency.

Because testosterone deficiency is also generally found in young people.

Testosterone levels decrease with age

2) Testosterone dysfunction

Lower testosterone can also occur due to the inability of testicles to produce a sufficient amount of testosterone. Testosterone dysfunction is the result of damaged testicles.

It can affect all the body and cause many physiological, chemical, and hormonal changes in the body.

3) Excess masturbation

If you are stuck in the habit of excess masturbation then it will be very difficult for you to maintain an optimal level of testosterone in your body.

According to research studies, masturbation boosts the hormone called dopamine which forces you to more masturbation.

Of course, masturbating sometimes has benefits for the body but you should always avoid excess of it. Otherwise, you will always remain testosterone deficient.

4) Low production from the pituitary gland and hypothalamus

It is often seen that when any damage occurs to the hypothalamus or pituitary gland or both can decrease the testosterone level significantly.

In such cases testicles also get affected and don’t produce testosterone in a sufficient amount.

5) Regular consumption of testosterone killing foods

If you consume some foods that tend to decrease your testosterone level (also called testosterone-killing foods) then you will see a drop in your testosterone level.

So you should avoid or limit their consumption. These foods are generally estrogenic that increase the estrogen level lowering the testosterone level.

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6) Side effects of some medicines

It is always advisable to ask your doctor about the side effects of the medicines that he is prescribing to us.

It is often found in research that some medicine also can decrease the testosterone level because of their side effects.

Also remember that if you are using prescribed medicines for a prolonged period or for a nonmedical reason, then there is a possibility that they will lower your testosterone level.

It is also found in the study that some medicines increase the cortisol hormone which is considered the testosterone killer hormone.

Some blood pressure and anti-depressants also decrease the testosterone level and are also responsible for sexual dysfunction.

side effects cause low testosterone

7) Poor dietary intake

If you want to see your body testosterone efficient then you have to be conscious about what you eat.

If your large portion of diet consists of low-quality oils, pre-cooked food, corn syrup, soy products then your testosterone level will suffer a lot.

So it is always vital to eat a healthy diet to guarantee the body receives the nutrients it needs to produce testosterone as well as other hormones.

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8) Congenital problems

Congenital problems such as the decreased amount of male hormones and rare malformation syndromes can be harmful for the production of the necessary hormones.

9) Estrogen related problems

If your body has an excess amount of estrogen hormone then it will always be lacking testosterone.

If you carry excess weight on the thighs, hips, or butt area, or have the feminine breast tissue, then you have to first deal with estrogen-related problems.

10) General causes of low testosterone

The causes mentioned here are not the only causes of low testosterone. There are other causes too, for example, chronic illness, starvation, head trauma, surgeries, cancer, infections, alcoholism, smoking, etc.

Other reasons for having low testosterone are poor circulation, hypertension, other psychological problems, side effects of chemotherapy, hemochromatosis, etc.

low testosterone

3. Symptoms of Low Testosterone

You have read the majority of causes of low testosterone.

Now, how will you know if you have low testosterone or not?

Here several symptoms of low testosterone have been mentioned that will help you to know you have the optimal level of testosterone or not.

  • Loss of lean muscle
  • The low energy level and fatigue
  • Low sex drive and erectile dysfunction
  • Weight gain especially around the waist
  • Mood swings and irritable behavior
  • Sleep apnea
  • Decrement in ejaculate
  • Reduced mental awareness
  • Loss of genital sensitivity
  • Listlessness
  • Loss of focus
  • Hesitancy or Indecisiveness
  • Decrement in the size and the firmness of the testicles
  • Bone thinning
  • Hair loss
  • Infertility
  • Decreased sense of well-being

symptoms of low testosterone

4. Importance of Testosterone

After reading the causes of low testosterone and its symptoms, you may think whether it is important to increase testosterone level or not.

The answer is YES. It is very very important to increase the testosterone level in your body. Here we will discuss the importance of testosterone.

  • Testosterone is very much important for men. It is because of this hormone a man can perform well in his sexual life. It helps the body to grow and build strong muscles.


  • It is responsible for reproduction and creating an urge for intercourse in men. So it is very much important for us to maintain its optimal level.

testosterone benefits

  • It is also responsible for the physical distinction of the male brain and the female brain. As testosterone causes, the high growth male brain is usually big in size than the female brain.


  • Testosterone is an anabolic hormone from the androgen group. Androgens tend to increase protein synthesis which promotes high bone density, strength, and muscle tissues.


  • Anabolic testosterone also helps in nitrogen retention, the more nitrogen retention occurs, the more protein can be absorbed by the lean muscles.


  • Testosterone also increases our capacity for satellite cells related activities. These cells perform an extremely productive purpose to restore the destroyed muscle tissues.


  • Anabolic testosterone certainly defends your hard-earned lean muscles from the catabolic glucocorticoid hormones which can cause loss of muscles.


  • Testosterone also increases the red blood cells in the blood that result in a more energetic body full of stamina because of an increased oxygenated bloodstream.


  • Testosterone also elevates muscle tissue contraction simply by raising the number of continuous motor neurons within the muscle tissues enhancing neuromuscular transmission. This increases glycogen synthesis which provides additional energy during the workout.


  • Testosterone helps us bring the aggressiveness in dominating tendencies. This can supercharge you with a high level of confidence. That’s the reason that bodybuilders focus on boosting testosterone because it gives them the psychological advantage to lift more weights.


  • Testosterone also generates a perfect environment for fat reduction in our bodies. Testosterone gets bound with the fat cells which break down the body fat and stop the new fat development.

#Boost Testosterone Naturally

  • Regular exercise
  • Rest
  • Diet
  • Don’t consume or store or heat the food in plastic
  • Consume the proper amount of vitamin D3 and zinc
  • Avoid smoking
  • Consume natural testosterone boosters like Yohimbe, Ashwagandha, Horny goat weed, Shilajit.


Here, we have discussed the most common causes of low testosterone.

I hope this article will help you.

Thanks for reading.

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