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9 Testosterone killing foods and Habits that you must avoid

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Do you want to know the testosterone-killing foods and habits?

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This is the complete guide on testosterone-killing foods and lifestyle habits.

Here I will tell you the list of foods and daily habits that reduce the production of testosterone and become the reasons for low testosterone.

Well if you are searching for testosterone-killing foods that means you might know what testosterone is and why it is important.

But let me tell you in short, testosterone is a hormone that is predominant in men.

It is responsible for the growth of the body and muscle building.

Here we will discuss some testosterone-killing foods and lifestyle habits that will ruin your efforts to increase testosterone levels.

One of the worst facts about these foods and habits is that they have become so integral part of our life that it is very difficult to avoid them completely.

Though it will be very difficult, we can at least try to reduce them as much as possible.

Let’s start our discussion with testosterone-killing foods first.

1. Testosterone-killing foods

There are some foods also called testosterone killers because they lower the production of testosterone in your body. They also decrease the ability of your body to produce testosterone.

 1) Sugar

Rather than listing all the highly sweetened foods, I would prefer to use the word ‘Sugar’.

There are some foods available in the market as well as cooked in our home that contain too much sugar.

For example candy, cake, ice cream, sweets, etc. These foods tend to fluctuate blood sugar in the body which decreases insulin sensitivity of your body.

As your sensitivity to insulin decreases, your testosterone level automatically decreases.

So too much sugar can cause low testosterone in your body and can be considered testosterone-killing food.

Try to avoid too much sugar from your daily diet.

excess sugar can kill testosterone

2) Refined grains

Pasta, cereals, chips, etc are considered in the list of foods that are made from refined grains.

The main problem with these foods is that they are processed and modified to remove all their natural benefits.

Not only these foods but any food that is made from refined grains is bad for our health and lowers the testosterone level.

They are considered testosterone-killing foods because as we consume them, they will get converted into glucose.

If you are not a very hard-working person then all this energy will be converted into fat.

More fat will lead to more production of estrogen which will decrease the testosterone level in your body. So it is just advisable to stay away from such foods.

testosteorne killing foods

3) Vegetable Oils

The reason behind considering vegetable oil as a testosterone killer is that they contain a high amount of omega 6 fatty acids and a low amount of omega 3 fatty acids.

Our body needs both of them to function properly but omega 3 is an anti-inflammatory compound whereas omega 6 causes inflammation.

As vegetable oils mostly contain omega 6 which leads to inflammation which eventually results in low testosterone in our body.

Vegetable oils also contain unsaturated fats and get oxidized when they are heated.

In this form, they are extremely dangerous as they tend to cause inflammation which decreases the testosterone level.

Instead of using vegetable oils, you can use olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, etc.

vegetable oil can lower the testosterone levels

4) Milk

The presence of milk in the list of testosterone-killing foods may surprise you but in one of the research done on testosterone-killing foods, it is found that milk is high in lactose which tends to lower the testosterone level in our body.

So try to consume lactose-free milk or almond milk.

One of the researches also shows that the fat in the milk contains more estrogen. So milk with high fat can lower the testosterone as well as sperm count.

One study also confirms that low-fat milk also increases the testosterone level in teenagers.

milk can lower testosterone

5) Soy

Soy products contain a lot of phytoestrogens that can increase the production of estrogen. This is why it is considered the worst food to be eaten if you want to boost your testosterone level.

It will add estrogen to your body and the overall level of testosterone will be reduced.

However, consuming soya in a limited amount once or twice a week will not make you a woman.

But if you are on the journey of boosting testosterone levels then you should avoid this testosterone-killing food.

soya in any form can lower the testosterone levels (testosterone-killing foods)

6) Alcohol

Alcohol (especially beer and wine) tends to increase the sugar level as well as estrogen level in your body.

It also lowers the ability of some enzymes that help in the production of testosterone.

So we are considering it in the list of foods that decrease the testosterone level.

Here is the complete guide on how to get rid of alcohol addiction.

7) Licorice Root

It is a kind of herb generally used in beverages, candy, and tobacco products to add a sweet flavor.

According to a study, licorice root can lower testosterone levels by 26% if consumed 7 grams a day for a week.

So be aware of using such products that are rich in licorice root.

8) Trans fats

Foods containing trans fats can also decrease your testosterone levels. It is proved in various studies that trans fat lowers testosterone levels.

So, try to avoid such foods as much as you can.

9) Processed and Canned Foods

Processed and canned foods are extremely rich in sodium.

Consuming higher sodium can become the major reason for low testosterone levels in your body.

These are some foods that reduce testosterone production.

Now, we will discuss testosterone-killing habits.

2. Testosterone-killing Habits

Here is the list of daily habits that reduce your testosterone levels.

1) Habit of Living a Stressful Life

A stressful lifestyle is one of the testosterone-killing habits that drastically reduces your testosterone levels and sperm count.

We all know that stress is the real enemy of anybody’s healthy body. If you are under constant stress then there is a high chance of reduction in testosterone production.

When you are under stress your body produces a hormone called cortisol. This hormone tends to resist testosterone production.

In this hectic lifestyle, it is not possible to remain 100% stressed free but at least we can manage our stress.

2) Lack of Physical Activity

The second testosterone-killing habit is living a life with very low physical activity.

If you are living a life in which you just sit the whole day at the desk and sleep on the couch watching TV, then you will find a significant drop in your testosterone level.

This testosterone-killing habit is one of the most common bad habits of many people throughout the world.

You should exercise at least 3-4 days a week for 30-45 minutes. Many scientific studies show that excess fat promotes the production of estrogen and reduces testosterone.

By losing some fat you can easily increase your testosterone level.

So leave the habit of living a sedentary life and get physically active.

3) Lack of Sleep

Since we are talking about the habits that inhibit testosterone production, how can we forget the habit of sleeping less?

In earlier days, we used to believe that aging reduces testosterone levels most.

But recent studies show that sleeping less lowers testosterone by 15-20%(aging just reduces testosterone levels by 1-2%).

It is because when you sleep less your body gets stressed and produces more cortisol which becomes the major for the reduction of testosterone.

If your sleep gets disturbed for a long time then your body will produce more cortisol and you will see more decrement in testosterone level.

So get the undisturbed sleep of at least 7-8 hours for better testosterone production.

4) Habit of Taking Steroids

It is the most common testosterone-killing habit mostly found in youngsters.

If you use steroids for a long time then your body will identify the presence of foreign testosterone. This will stop it from producing testosterone on its own.

We all know that many bodybuilders take steroids without knowing that their side effect is permanent.

When they stop taking steroids, their testosterone level remains low. Always increase testosterone naturally as it will never be risky to your health.

5) Excess Consumption of Caffeine

Consuming caffeine in the form of coffee, tea, and energy drinks has become our daily routine.

Most people can’t even start and end their day without caffeine.

Though there are various health benefits of consuming caffeine, its excess consumption can decrease your testosterone levels.

It is because caffeine provides you extra alertness which increases cortisol levels. And you know it very well that high cortisol means low testosterone.

So, avoid excess consumption of caffeine.

6) Using Plastic Bottles

If you are a regular user of plastic bottles then you may observe a reduction in testosterone in long run.

Plastic bottles contain BPA which is a short form of Bisphenol A.

Various studies show that BPA can be a cause of low testosterone and low sperm count in men and low fertility in women.

So, try to avoid plastic bottles or any other container that contains plastic.

Instead of using normal plastic bottles, you can also use BPA-free water bottles.

7) Excess Consumption of Processed Food

As we mentioned above that consuming processed foods in excess amounts can become a reason for low testosterone levels.

Processed foods are extremely high in sugar and salt. Both foods are the main culprit for testosterone reduction.

So, get rid of the habit of eating processed foods in order to maintain or increase testosterone levels.

These are a few testosterone-killing habits.

Let’s wrap up this article with a small conclusion.


Here we have discussed testosterone-killing foods as well as testosterone-killing habits. I hope your search for testosterone-killing foods as well as lifestyle habits will end here.

I am sure that you will be alert to whatever you eat and try to live a happy, stressless and active life.

If you have any questions related to testosterone-killing foods and habits, you can ask me in the comment box.

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