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11 Best Ways to Get Rid of Alcohol Addiction (Completely)

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This is the most comprehensive guide on how to get rid of alcohol addiction.

Here, we will discuss some most effective ways to stop drinking alcohol.

If you are here to know how to,

  • Stop craving alcohol
  • Get rid of alcohol enslavement
  • Lower the consumption of alcohol

Then I promise, you will love this guide.

You can use this guide to get rid of drinking on your own or you can also help someone in getting rid of alcohol addiction.

I don’t want to bore you with statistics but alcohol addiction has become a major issue not only in the USA but in many countries.

It is also one of the major causes of domestic violence.

Teenagers are getting attracted to this bad habit which is not good because they are the future of their respective countries.

Say No to Alcohol

Many people want to get rid of alcohol addiction but can’t or don’t want to go to rehab centers and get treatment.

Looking at this behavior, we have crafted here a complete guide on how to get rid of alcohol addiction by using which anyone can end their alcohol drinking habits.

Let’s start with the signs of an alcohol-addicted person.

1. The signs of an alcohol-addicted person

We have to discuss this because sometimes a person doesn’t know if he/she is an alcohol addict or not.

Do you know, just knowing about your alcohol addiction and treating it at the correct time can save you from further chronic problems?

If you find the following symptoms in you then you have absolutely become an alcohol addict.

These are,

  • You can’t control and drink more than planned
  • You crave the alcohol at any time of the day
  • You have a high alcohol tolerance. (for which many are proud of themselves)
  • You have started hanging out with heavy drinkers
  • Sleeplessness, nausea, anxiety, shakiness are also signs of alcohol addiction
  • You want to stop drinking but you can’t
  • You get stressed by just thinking that you won’t have access to alcohol
  • You only feel good after drinking it

In short, when you reach the level where you want to do anything just for the sake of alcohol, you have become an alcohol-addicted person.

How to get rid of alcohol addiction

Okk… so you have checked if you are an alcohol addict person or not.

Now, let’s discuss the effects of alcohol addiction on your health.

2. Why is Alcohol Addiction Bad for your Health?

It is very important to know how alcohol badly affects your health. Because unless and until you don’t know the dark side of this addiction, you won’t dare to get rid of it.

1) It damages the liver

When we drink alcohol, it is filtered by the liver first. And in this process, it produces metabolites that damage our body.

In fact, the liver is the first organ that gets damaged due to the heavy consumption of alcohol.

2) It causes cancer

According to the American cancer society, heavy drinkers are at high risk of suffering from colon, breast, and liver cancer.

According to them, alcohol can also promote the progression of cancer tumors.

3) It can create bone problems

It is often found in alcohol-addicted persons that they tend to suffer more from the weakening of the bones.

It is because alcohol lowers the absorption of calcium. It is also argued that beer contains silicon which increases bone strength. But alcohol content present in beer eventually causes health damage.

Here you can read the full guide to strengthening the bones.

4) It can lead to weight gain

Alcohol drinks are loaded with sugars which make them high in calories.

Excess consumption of alcohol can make you gain weight. And you know very well that obesity is the cause of many diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, etc.

Health Damages Caused by Excess Alcohol Consumption

5) You can suffer from dehydration problem

Alcohol is a great dehydrator. It causes dehydration by forcing you to pee more.

Have you ever thought about why you get more urge to pee after drinking alcohol?

We discussed it in the article on foods to avoid if constipated in detail. But let me tell you in short.

There is an enzyme called vasopressin that prevents the wasting of water in the form of urine. But alcohol interferes in the production of this enzyme.

So we get more urges to pee which can lead us to dehydration.

6) You can suffer from malnutrition

Excessive consumption of alcohol causes the deficiency of many important nutrients. Vitamin B and magnesium are the most common of them.

It doesn’t let them well absorbed in the body.

Other health problems:-

  • It creates problems in memory and concentration
  • Lowers libido and affects sexual urges
  • Weakens the immune system
  • Anxiety and depression

There are much more health damages associated with excess alcohol consumption. but here we will limit our discussion up to these only.

Other Damages Caused by Alcohol

So, now you are crystal clear that addiction to alcohol is not good. Instead, it causes lots of health issues.

Now, I am sure that you will be very clear about your purpose to get rid of alcohol addiction.

So, it’s time to discuss the most effective ways to control or stop drinking alcohol.

Let’s start.

3. How to Get Rid of Alcohol Addiction?

There can be many answers to this question. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1) Quit Drinking Slowly

Look, it is not a sudden process that today you decide to quit alcohol, and tomorrow you will be free from its addiction.

No, such addictions don’t end like that.

When you get motivation from somewhere and decide to quit drinking suddenly, you will end up losing that confidence in a few days.

Instead of this, slowly quit drinking because its result will be long lasting (sometimes forever)

So, I will suggest you break the habit of drinking slowly and step by step.

How to do that?

1) Set your drinking goal and try to stick to it

Whenever you drink alcohol, set your limit and never drink more than that. This approach will retain your alcoholism to a fixed level.

Also, try not to drink more than one glass.

The benefit of this method is, that you are not stopping your body from drinking suddenly but here, you are allowing your body to drink alcohol but in a very limited amount.

Go slow

2) Keep a record of your drinks

Do you know, when we start tracking our expenses, we can reduce them a lot?

Keeping a record of your drinks also works in the same manner. It will make you conscious of your alcohol addiction.

You will be automatically motivated to leave or reduce alcohol consumption.

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3) Drink slowly

Whenever you sit to drink, drink it sip by sip and very slowly. Take the necessary breaks between the sips. So you will take more time to complete the drink.

In this way, you will be satisfied with very few drinks only.

4) Dilute your drink

Diluting your drink with water, soda, or juice will help you reduce your alcohol intake. Also, eat something before you drink.

It won’t let you drink more.

5) Don’t drink at home

It is the best way to prevent yourself from alcoholism. You just have to do is never bring alcoholic drinks at home. So even you get an urge to drink at home, you won’t have access to alcohol.

6) Set any three days on which you will never drink

I got to know this method from my Indian friends. They don’t drink on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

First, I believed them superstitious but then I realized the trick behind it.

You can also use this method. Slowly increase the days and you will be able to quit your habit.

These 6 steps will help you a lot in quitting alcohol habit slowly. (Combine all of them for the best result)

Quit Drinking Slowly

2) Change your attitude

If you are thinking that here I will tell you about a magic pill…you will take it…and get rid of alcohol habit. Then sorry my friend.

There are no such magic pills. It is only you who can bring the change in your life.

You should have the fear of losing your family, job, society, etc due to your bad habit.

You should leave the company of friends that encourages you to drink.

Just go and throw out all the bottles of alcohol (the filled ones and not the empty ones).

Whenever you wake up in the morning, go in front of the mirror and have look in your eyes and say that you won’t drink today.

Change your attitude to quit alcohol habit

There are lots of case studies available online. Go and watch how they overcame their alcohol addiction.

Also, tell your family about your decision. They will not only support your decision but also motivate you in your journey.

You can also contact the rehab centers in your local area and get suggestions from them. Those suggestions will reduce your effort and time to get rid of alcohol addiction.

3) Replace Bad Habit with the Good Habit

It is the fact that you can’t quit any habit, you just can replace it with the good one.

Here, you can also replace the habit of drinking alcohol with another good habit such as playing sports, visiting a new place, reading books, or anything that you like.

If you get a strong urge to drink alcohol, drink non-alcoholic beer, juice, or something else except alcohol.

I will recommend you to become spiritual in life. It is my personal experience that spirituality literally modifies any person from the soul.

You will never find the calmness that spiritual practices can provide you.

You might have heard all these about spirituality.

But if you really want to get rid of alcohol addiction then the real-time for it has come.

Go and find a spiritual mentor, join spiritual communities, read spiritual books. These will help you very much.

In the previous article on how to get rid of masturbation habits, I talked about the benefits of spirituality in detail.

How to get rid of alcohol addiction

4) Sulfur can help

According to research, the persons who suffer from alcohol or any kind of addiction, tend to have lower amounts of sulfur in them.

That is why sulfur is present in most of the medicines used to treat alcohol cravings.

So, if you eat sulfur-rich foods, they may help you get rid of alcohol addiction.

Eggs, poultry meat, ginger, walnut, peanut, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, red cabbage, onion, garlic, etc are the major sources of sulfur.

Include them in your diet and your alcohol craving will reduce slowly.

Include Sulfur-Rich Foods in Your Diet

5) Replace Junk Foods with Healthy Foods

It is found that a higher intake of junk foods can increase alcohol cravings.

Avoid high carbohydrate diets and refined sugar. It is because alcoholism is associated with sugar dependency.

If you consume foods loaded with refined sugars then they will increase alcohol cravings.

So avoid sweets, sweet fruit juice, sugary carbonated drinks, caffeine, bread, pasta, etc.

Instead, increase the intake of foods that are less in carbs and high in protein because such foods really help to reduce alcohol cravings.

Fit young woman fighting off sweets and candy

Drink lots of water to reduce alcohol craving and cleanse your body.

Eat eggs, lean meat, nuts, legumes, vegetables, semi-brown rice, oatmeal, buckwheat, etc.

Eat foods that help you detox the liver. Here is the complete list of foods that will help you detox your liver.

#What foods should you eat to get rid of alcohol addiction?

1) Dates: It will naturally satisfy your craving for something sweet.

2) Celery: It will balance the pH of your body and lower the desire to drink alcohol.

3) Tomato juice with lemon: It is an age-old remedy to reduce alcohol drinking habits.

4) Carrot juice: Cleanse the liver and lower alcohol cravings.

5) Cabbage juice: Glutamine present in it lowers the alcohol craving.

6) Boysenberry/Mulberry juice: Lowers sugar craving and decreases the desire to drink alcohol

(Source: I have chosen these foods from the book “Addiction Free-Naturally”)



6) Ginger + Lemon + Black Salt can help you

I found this remedy when I was reading the Indian home remedies.

This remedy was also promoted by Rajiv Dixit (an Indian activist) on the large scale.

This remedy is said to be tried on thousands of people who were drinking alcohol almost all day. They were able to get rid of alcohol addiction successfully in 2-3 months.

How to use this remedy?

  • Take some gingers and cut them into pieces. Squeeze a medium-sized lemon and sprinkle black salt on them.
  • Then place them under the sun to get dried.
  • You can use them when they are completely dried.

Now, carry those pieces with yourself, and whenever you get an urge to drink alcohol, put one piece into your mouth.

Just suck it without chewing.

The craving for alcohol will disappear immediately. If you are an extremely heavy drinker then continue this for 2-3 months.

Otherwise, 15-21 days are enough for moderate drinkers to get rid of alcohol addiction.

Ginger + Lemon + Blacksalt

Ginger will also help you increase your appetite because it is often seen in many people that unless they don’t drink they don’t get hungry.

So ginger will also help in stimulating the appetite.

7) Thymol seeds (ajwain) can help

Take 100 grams of thymol seeds and boil them in water 8X in the quantity than the thymol seeds.

That means if you take 100 grams of thymol seeds then boil them in 800 grams/800 ml of water. Stop boiling when 1/4 of water remains. (here until 200 ml)

Now, drink 2-3 cups of this liquid before lunch and dinner.

This is the tried and tested remedy to get rid of alcohol addiction.

8) Essential Oils can help you get rid of alcohol addiction

Inhaling the essential oils is also found beneficial in getting rid of alcohol habits.

But which essential oils help you?

Here is the list.

1) Fennel: 

It can reduce alcohol cravings based on sugar. It is sweet in fragrance.

2) Helichrysum:

It helps in detoxing the body. It also relieves stress, tension, and anxiety.

Other essential oils that can help you,

  • Rose
  • Rosemary
  • Lemon
  • Sandalwood
  • Clary sage

Aromatherapy can help you get rid of alcohol addiction

9) Avoid Corporate Drinking

What is corporate drinking?

It happens many times that you have to drink with your clients or in the corporate gathering. It is called corporate drinking.

You can ditch alcohol by drinking juice or any other non-alcoholic drink.

If your client or colleagues request or emphasize you to drink then counter them in a very humble manner and say about your journey.

Because I have seen many times that people give excuses of corporate gathering to drink but you can ditch alcohol if you really want to get rid of it.

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10) Avoid Emotional Drinking

It often happens that when you are too happy or too sad, your inner soul encourages you to drink and you get carried away with these emotions.

It is called emotional drinking.

I don’t know where but I had read a sentence somewhere that “don’t take any decisions when you are too happy, too sad, or too angry

So, you should also remember this line and not be carried away with emotions. Always calm your mind and then decide to drink or not to drink.

In short, be conscious while you make any decision.

How to Get Rid of Alcohol Addiction

11) Seek Medical Help

If you are a heavy drinker and have been addicted to alcohol for a long time then you should seek medical help. They will treat you in a very proper manner.

The treatment may include,

  • Medication
  • Counselling & Psychotherapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Supportive psychotherapy

Contact them and know more detail about the program.

I would like to complete this discussion here.

I am sure that all these 11 methods will definitely help you achieve your goal and leave the drinking habits.

Now, let me answer the common questions that people generally ask.

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1) How much time will it take to get rid of alcohol addiction if I follow these methods?

If you are a heavy drinker then it may take 2-3 months otherwise, 15-21 days are enough.

2) Is it bad to drink alcohol in a low amount?

Well, it depends on your geographic location and health conditions but excess alcohol consumption is always bad.

3) Can yoga help me to quit alcohol?

Yes, of course, it can help but it will take time. It is not like you started yoga today and you will get the results tomorrow. You should keep practicing yoga for 1-2 months to see any change.

4) Will the remedies you showed above work?

Well, these remedies are claimed to help thousands of people in leaving alcohol habits. So you should also try them.

5) I have heard that the beer strengthens the bones, is it true?

Beer contains silicon which tends to strengthen the bones but a cup of boiled spinach can give you more silicon than beer. Then why drink beer!

6) Is it OK to drink occasionally?

Every addiction starts from a trial then you do it occasionally and eventually it becomes a habit. So the simple answer is no.


Here, we have discussed almost all the effective and practical ways to get rid of alcohol addiction.

Let’s summarize this article.

Here are the 11 ways to leave alcohol drinking habits.

  • Quit drinking slowly
  • Change you attitude
  • Replace the bad habit with a good one
  • Sulfur can help
  • Replace junk foods with healthy foods
  • Ginger + Lemon + Black salt can help
  • Thymol seeds can help
  • Essential oils can help
  • Avoid corporate drinking
  • Avoid emotional drinking
  • Seek medical help

I hope you will get your answer from this article. I would love to listen to any other method to leave alcohol you know in the comment box.

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