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How to Stop Masturbation (16 Most Effective Ways)

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This is the most comprehensive guide on how to stop masturbation.

Here, we will discuss the most effective and 100% practical ways to get rid of masturbation addiction.

In fact, this guide had helped me to get out of the masturbation habit from twice a day to once a month. I hope it will also be useful to you.

Let’s start.

It is always said that masturbation is a natural process. I also agree with this.

Most people do it for sexual pleasure and arousal at an early age. According to research, around 95% of men and 88% of women masturbate.

There is also nothing wrong with it because, after a certain age, the urge to masturbate becomes your body’s biological need.

It is also considered the safest way to get sexual satisfaction.

There are also certain benefits of masturbation (if done within the limit) such as

  • It gives you a good sleep
  • Helps in releasing sexual tension
  • It helps to relax your body as well as mind
  • It also helps you focus on other things.
  • helps to calm down sexual urges

But there should be a limit.

This DIY (Do-it-yourself) sex will only benefit you when you do it less and don’t get addicted to it.

Let’s first discuss when to say that a person has become a masturbation addict.

1. When to say you are addicted to masturbation?

There are certain signals which indicate that you have become addicted to masturbation.

1) You keep on thinking about masturbation every day and every time.

2) You can’t control the psychological urges to masturbate and start doing it.

3) You can’t sleep at night without doing it.

4) Masturbating one or two times now doesn’t give you pleasure and satisfaction.

5) You masturbate 2-3 times a day despite knowing this is bad.

6) You want to watch violent porn videos.

7) You feel ashamed or guilty after masturbation but can’t stop doing it.

Any of these signals shows that you have become addicted to masturbation and need to get rid of this as soon as possible.

masturbation addiction is bad

2. Why do most people become a slave of the masturbation habit?

Here, I mean to say that what is there in masturbation that it makes any person a slave of it.

The answer is here.

When any person no matter man or woman masturbate, their body produces the hormones like oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine.

These all hormones are pleasure-giving hormones.

And it is a simple human behavior that when you feel happy and good, you want to do it more.

But then there comes an extent when this release doesn’t make you happy anymore and you want to release them more.

You know from inside that it is wrong but you can’t stop yourself from doing this.

And you masturbate more and more (every day or 2-3 or more times a day).

This is how any person gets trapped in this cycle and becomes addicted to masturbation.

slave of masturbation

3. When does masturbation become a problem?

First of all, let me tell you masturbation is not a problem. It is the excess of masturbation that is the main problem.

It is just like you get hungry every day. Hunger is not the problem but eating too much is the problem.

(Here, I am talking about natural hunger and not the hunger that generates after watching pornographic content or any other adult video)

So when you start doing it just for the sake of fun and not to satisfy your sexual urge, it becomes a problem. Many people say that if you are doing it once a day, it is a problem.

No, that’s not.

It is up to you. Only you can judge how much is good for you. I can’t tell you how much you should eat, it is up to you.

But don’t do it just for fun or don’t have a “no one in the house, let’s do it” approach.

Always, remember excess of anything (no matter good or bad) is a problem.

When masturbation becomes the problem

Now, we will discuss why the excess of masturbation is considered bad.

Let’s start.

4. Why Excess of Masturbation is Bad?

According to modern science, it is good and even healthy to masturbate if done to a certain extent.

If you do more, it will lead to many problems such as

  • It can lower the sexual sensitivity
  • You can get addicted to self-pleasure only
  • It can take more time to reach orgasm during sex
  • It can lower bone density and weakens the bones
  • You will become energyless.
  • It can make you fat
  • It will make you look aged (for more info read: How to look younger)
  • Premature hair loss
  • Lowers the testosterone levels (for more info read: Foods and habits that kill testosterone)
  • Slow muscle growth
  • Skin dryness
  • Loss of focus/concentration
  • You can’t last long in the bed (Read: Tips to last long in the bed)

The other problems are

  • Paleness
  • tiredness
  • Trembling of body parts
  • Memory loss
  • Faintness
  • A person doesn’t like to involve in group activities and prefers to live alone
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Poor vision
  • Sexual organ damage
  • Impotence
  • Erectile dysfunction

person shocked after reading the bad effects pf masturbation

Now, it’s time to discuss how to stop masturbation habits

Let’s start.

5. How to Stop Masturbation? (16 Most Effective Tips)

Here, we will discuss the most effective and 100% practical ways to get rid of masturbation habits.

1) Find the causes of masturbation and eliminate them

Finding the causes of any problem is the most effective way to avoid or eliminate it.

Here, you have to find what encourages you to masturbate.

The common causes are loneliness, adult movies, adult photos, and certain time period.

Sometimes touching or rubbing that area can also create an urge to masturbate.

If you find those causes then write down them in the diary and think about how you can eliminate them.

Common cause of masturbation urge

2) See every girl with respect

It is commonly found in boys that the day, they see a beautiful girl, they masturbate at that night.

Look, everyone gets attracted to beauty. But that doesn’t mean you start thinking in the wrong ways.

Look at everyone with respect.

3) Track the timing when you get urges

It is one of the best practices to avoid masturbation.

If you are addicted to masturbation then there must be certain timings when you get urges to jerk off.

Many people tend to do it at night before sleeping. Many people tend to do it just after waking up and many people do get the urge at noon.

You just have to track these timings.

#What to do if you get an urge in the morning?

If you get the urge just after waking up then train or order your body to get off the bed and get ready for work.

Don’t start scrolling social media after waking up because if you see some erotic images or videos somewhere, you will get an urge to masturbate.

So avoid screens after waking up.

Many people get an urge when they go into the washroom. An excellent way to avoid the urge in a washroom is to pee.

Just urinate and you will find that the urge is gone.

You can use this method anytime and anywhere.

How to stop masturbation

#What to do if you get an urge in the noon?

It is not a big issue because everybody tends to be busy with their work.

But if you are working from home and getting urges during noon then go and get a bath or go outside for that fixed time.

#What to do if you get an urge before sleeping?

I consider it the hardest one because at night you may be alone in the bedroom not having any work.

I have seen many people that can’t even sleep without masturbation. But if there is a will, there is a way.

you can do the following steps:

  • Meditate before going to bed
  • Read a book (best to read a spiritual one)
  • Avoid sleeping such that the front part of the body touches the bedsheet. (it is because sometimes the interaction between your genitals and bedsheet creates an urge to masturbate)
  • Don’t give attention to urges
  • Go to bed only when you have an extreme urge to sleep so you just sleep down rather than thinking about masturbation.

4) Get Spiritual

Spirituality can transform every person. It is also one of the effective ways to quit or reduce masturbation.

Spiritual practices calm your body as well as mind. It will teach you how to control your mind and every urges.

Read spiritual books, practice the concepts given in them.

These practices will help you not only in stopping masturbation but also in every aspect of life.

I have seen many people who transformed themselves completely after they got spiritual.

You can start with:

  • Meditation
  • Helping others
  • Charity
  • Reading and practicing spiritual books
  • Join any spiritual society

get spiritual to avoid masturbation

5) Avoid eating too many spicy foods

There was research conducted on a tiger. Tiger was continuously given spicy foods to eat for some days. The researcher found that after some days the sexual urges of the tiger were increased by many times.

It is also found the same for human beings.

People who eat a lot of spicy foods tend to have more sexual urges. If you are addicted to masturbation then check out the foods you eat.

If your diet contains many spices then reduce them. Also, lower the intake of non-veg and alcohol.

Too much Spicy foods can Increase your desire to have sex

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6) Plan your free time

If you are addicted to masturbation then you must have noticed that you desire to masturbate only in your free time.

It rarely happens that someone spares a special time for masturbation.

So, you have to plan for your free time so that you don’t get the desire to jerk off.

You should do whatever you like (of course, except masturbation).

You can learn new things, visit your friends, visit your mentor, etc.

But never be alone in your room because if you are a masturbation addict then you will 100% find an excuse to jerk off.

plan your free time to avoid masturbation

7) Don’t stop masturbation suddenly

You will tell this advice weird but it is true.

Many times it happens that you get a sudden motivation from somewhere and stopped masturbation suddenly.

No, that’s not the correct way.

If you are habituated to something, it will be harmful to stop it suddenly.

If you are a frequent masturbator then reduce the frequency day by day. If your current status is twice a day and your goal is once a month.

Then do it once a day for a week. Then go for once in two days. And in this way reach to once a week.

Continue this for several weeks. Then go for once in two weeks and in this way, you will be able to reach once a month.

Of course, this method will take time, but the result will be long-lasting. Then you will never have to look back.

You will require two main things during this journey i.e, persistence and consistency.

There is a chance that you may lose your motivation but never let your car go off-road. Stay determined and motivated.

steps to stop masturbation

8) Get Around the People

It is very common but effective advice because almost all people masturbate when they are alone.

So the best way to avoid masturbation is to surround yourself with good people.

Don’t surround yourself with people who laugh at your effort.

It is not necessary to get around the people only physically. You can also get around the people digitally.


Well, you can follow some highly successful people and watch their videos. You can also connect with them online and share your progress.

It is not necessary that they see your message but reporting them about your progress will increase your confidence.

get around the people to avoid masturbation

9) Block all the sources that show you adult content

Many people will advise you to avoid watching porn or any adult content. But unless and until you have the access to those sites or videos you can’t stop yourself.

So, I would recommend blocking all the sources of such content. If you are getting such information from Facebook groups, leave or unfollow them.

If your friends send you such things then tell them not to send or dare to block them.

Avoid seeing films or TV serials that show nudity or adult content.

If you see such content immediately change the topic and watch comedy videos. (I always do this)

Avoid porn or any adult content

10) Wash your genital with cold water

It is a method from ancient Iran.

They always promoted having a bath with cold water. In India also, most of people bathe with cold water.

In the USA and any other cold countries, it may not be possible but at least you can wash your genitals with cold water.

It is said that washing or pouring cold water on genitals decreases excess sexual desires.

If you are addicted to masturbation then you need to do this several times a day. Otherwise, washing it during bathing is enough.

How to stop masturbation

11) Give yourself a higher goal

Having a goal always keeps you focused which is very useful to stop or reduce masturbation.


The main cause of masturbation is getting distracted by other unnecessary things.

But if you have the higher goals then you will be so busy achieving them that you don’t even have time to get distracted.

I have personally experienced this. Today, I also keep myself busy in expanding my business and researching articles so that I can give you the best value possible.

stay focused to achieve higher goals

12) Early to Bed, Early to rise

It is often found that a person who sleeps late at night and wakes up late in the morning tends to suffer from masturbation habits more.

You also have noticed that you get more urge to ejaculate at the night and even in the morning you get the same urge.

The best way to avoid this urge is to sleep early and also wake up early.

In early in the morning, you will get the freshest atmosphere, so the urge to jerk off will be very less. Just wake up and get ready for the day.


Early to bed, Early to rise

13) Help others…!!!

I don’t know why this method is very effective to stop masturbation but I am sure that it works.

Helping others give you some kind of internal happiness.

This happiness doesn’t allow any negative thoughts to enter your brain. If you have tried lots of methods but didn’t succeed then you must try this.

14) Be conscious

What is meant by being conscious?

It will happen many times with you that you have decided to quit or reduce masturbation but the thoughts will come from inside and encourage you to do it.

And you will be driven by that emotion and lose your goal. At that time, your consciousness will help you.

Your consciousness will prevent you from doing this. But for your consciousness to work, you have to be conscious.


You should be 100% clear about your goal, the benefits of achieving your goal, the disadvantage of excess masturbation, etc.

If you are conscious about these then and then only you will succeed otherwise there are thousands of people who wanted to get rid of the masturbation habits but achieved nothing.

15) Don’t suppress the urge of masturbation

Now, you will tell me that in this article you told us how to stop masturbation and now you are telling us not to suppress its urge!

Yes, I am telling it.

Look, masturbation is not a problem, its addiction is the problem.

At a certain age, masturbation (rather say sex) becomes your biological need. So you have to fulfill it.

But don’t overdo it.

That’s why I mentioned above not to stop masturbation suddenly.

So, don’t suppress its urge rather fulfill it but don’t exceed it.

16) Seek Medical Help

If none of these tips help you (which is very rare) then you must seek medical help.

You can visit a psychologist or sexologist or your family doctor and take the necessary guidance from him/her.

This is all for this article. I would like to complete this article here.

Now, let me answer some common questions.


1) How many times should I masturbate?

Well. it depends on your body. For someone once in a month is ok and for another one once in a day is ok. There is no exact figure. But according to me, once a week is good.

2) Can I suffer from erectile dysfunction if I masturbate?

If you do it in excess amount, there is a chance that you can suffer from it.

3) Can masturbation lead to memory loss?

If done in excess amount, it can lower your concentration level.

4) Is masturbation bad?

If done in excess amounts, YES it is bad.


Here, we have discussed how to stop masturbation and talked about almost every tip that I know to reduce masturbation.

Let’s summarize the tips to stop masturbation

  • Find the causes and eliminate them
  • See every girl with respect
  • Track the timing when you get urges
  • Get spiritual
  • Avoid eating too many spicy foods
  • Plan your free time
  • Don’t stop masturbation suddenly
  • Get around the people
  • Block all the sources that show you adult content
  • Wash your genitals with cold water
  • Give yourself a higher goal
  • Early to bed, early to rise
  • Help others
  • Be conscious
  • Don’t suppress the urge of masturbation
  • Seek medical help

Now, it’s your time to tell me any other method that you know to avoid masturbation in the comment box.

I hope you found your answer here. If you like this article, share it with your friends.

Thanks for reading…!!!

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