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How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally (The Complete Guide)

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Do you want to last longer in bed?

Don’t worry.

This is the complete guide on how to last longer in bed naturally.

Here we will discuss the best methods which can help you increase your sexual stamina in bed.

Who doesn’t want the best sexual experience?

Everyone wants it but very few people can enjoy it. The reason is they can’t hold their ejaculation for more time.

Think about the situation of that person whose wife tells him that he can’t satisfy her…!!!

In western countries, it is one of the major causes of divorce that one can’t satisfy her and that’s why she leaves him.

husband can't last longer in bed ( How to last longer in bed naturally)

Well, there can be many reasons behind the lower sexual stamina in the bed.

Let’s first discuss some of those reasons.

1. Reasons Behind Low Sexual Stamina in The Bed

Here we will discuss, why you can’t delay your ejaculation.

1) It is your first time

This is the most common reason behind not lasting long.

When it is your first time, your sexual urge is very high which leads to a short time to ejaculate.

It is often found that many people who are doing it for the first time just ejaculate in 20-25 seconds of starting the intercourse.

But don’t get too much worried about it.

You are not alone. Many people face it.

As you will get habituated, you will start performing longer and better.

Sad woman and sleeping man lying in bed

2) You are doing it after a long time

This is somewhat related to the first reason.

As I said above, when you are having sex after a long time, your excessive urge to ejaculate won’t let you last longer.

3) You spend too much time in foreplay (outercourse)

Foreplay is extremely important for the best pleasure of intercourse but if you spend too much time on foreplay then your urge to ejaculate will keep on increasing.

And when you start intercourse, your body will try to release that sexual tension as early as possible.

A foreplay of 15-20 minutes is good enough. Don’t overdo it.

4) You just stick to one position

If you are one of those guys who just stick to a single position then it can be a reason for not lasting long.

You should keep changing the position. It will also let you have some break from continuous penetration.

5) Anger

It is often found in many men that their anger for their wife or lover reflects during intercourse.

And in hurry to release the anger and to become stressless, men don’t realize that they are about to come very quickly.

Always remember, your bed is the place where you enjoy happily and pleasuring moments with your spouse or lover. It is not a place where you show your anger.

happily moments of husband and wife (How to last longer in bed naturally)

6) You think about intercourse all-day

Suppose that you are going to have intercourse tonight.

If you keep thinking about this throughout the day then sexual tension arises in your body. Your body wants to get rid of this tension as early as possible.

And for doing so, you can’t hold or delay your ejaculation and end up coming too quickly.

men thinking about sex every day can't last longer in bed

7) You want to show your strength to her

Sorry for using harsh words but males always want to prove their strength to her by jerking so hard.

They think their partner will feel happy and praise their masculinity.

But it doesn’t happen every time.

When you jerk so hard and with high frequency, there is a 100% chance that you will end up ejaculating too early and won’t be able to delay it.

8) Frequent masturbation habit

If you were habituated to frequent masturbation then you can suffer from this problem.


It is because boys generally masturbate to satisfy themselves as early as possible. So they don’t have the practice to hold for more time.

They expect the same quick satisfaction from intercourse too and end up suffering from premature ejaculation.

So if you are a teenager who is habituated to frequent masturbation then get rid of this habit as early as possible.

Once in a week is enough don’t overdo beyond this limit.

Frequent masturbation is also one of the habits that kill testosterone levels.

stop masturbating frequently to last longer in bed naturally

9) You are suffering from premature ejaculation

If you have been facing the problem of ejaculating quickly for a long time then there is a chance that you are suffering from premature ejaculation.

Without any further delay, meet a sexologist and seek guidance from him/her.

Here we have discussed the reasons for not lasting longer in bed.

Now, we will discuss the effective ways to last longer in bed naturally.

2. How to last longer in bed naturally?

Of course, we will discuss it thoroughly but why naturally?

Can’t we take medicines or supplements for it?

Yes, you can. If you have been suffering from this problem for a long time then you can go for medicines or supplements.

But you should always give the first preference to natural ways. Because they are easy, effective, less expensive, and cause no side effects.

Let’s go through those effective ways.

1) Masturbate before having intercourse

If it is your first time or you are doing it after a long time, your urge to release the sexual tension will be very high.

And you won’t be able to hold or delay your ejaculation for a longer period during intercourse.

When you masturbate before intercourse, you get some relief from sexual tension and you can perform better as well as longer in bed.

Here you may have a question, “will I be able to perform after masturbation?”

Yes, of course.

I am not telling you to masturbate just before intercourse. Do it a few hours before.

Masturbation will decrease the sensitivity of your erection and you will be able to perform longer in bed.

2) Have sex frequently

How nice naa…!!!

But believe me, it is one of the best ways to last longer in bed naturally.

If you get habituated to having intercourse more, you will automatically be able to hold or delay ejaculation for a longer period.

“Practice makes the men perfect” 🙂

3) Exercise regularly

If you exercise regularly then it can increase your stamina in bed and you can perform for a long time in bed.

You should include a workout routine of at least 45 minutes.

If your body permits, you should go for heavy workouts such as weightlifting, deadlifts, squats, etc.

Never miss a leg day in the gym. Leg exercises help in boosting testosterone levels which increases your libido.

So it is my advice to do regular exercise if you want to last longer in bed naturally.

exercises regularly to last longer on bed naturally

4) Take small breaks

Taking small breaks will definitely help you improve your sexual stamina in the bed naturally.

Whenever you feel highly stimulated or that you are going to ejaculate, stray away from that arousal and think of some distractions for a while to hold your ejaculation.

Also, take small breaks from penetration and go for other activities with her.

This technique can easily delay your ejaculation and let you spend a longer time in bed.

Another way to take small breaks is to try different positions and try different angles.

The shorter time interval in changing the position or angle will allow you to take small intervals which will settle down your urge to come.

take small breaks during intercourse to last longer in bed naturally

5) Go slow

One of the major reasons for fast ejaculation is you are doing it too fast. If you proceed slowly then you can last longer.

Generally, your capacity is decided on how speedily you complete the work but in the bedroom the opposite is true.

When men are young they do the things to satisfy themselves as early as possible.

It is ok but as you gain maturity and start doing it with your partner then you should care about your speed.

Intercourse is not just done to get the pleasure of a few seconds. It is as same as you eat your favorite food, you drink your favorite juice.

You will eat your favorite food very slowly. You enjoy its every bite. The same is here.

Enjoy every moment of that time and don’t show your speed.

slow down your speed during intercourse

6) Low thrust will work

It is very much found in beginners that when they insert, they start giving harder thrusts.

No, that is not the correct way. Instead, it will make you ejaculate in a few seconds.

Just start with low but deeper thrusts and gradually increase the strength.

7) Try different positions

It is one of the best ways to hold your ejaculation and last longer in bed naturally.

As mentioned above, you get a short interval while changing the position which helps you in settling down the urge to ejaculate.

Another benefit of changing different positions is that some positions are too arousal and some positions are less arousal.

“She on top” is one of the examples of a less arousal position.

So when you have the urge to release semen, try the positions that are less arousal. Then again return to the high arousal positions.

You can also try different angles in the same position during intercourse.

8) Alcohol

Well, I am against using alcohol for such things. Because it helps to delay premature ejaculation temporarily but in long run, it can even cause permanent premature ejaculation.

But it is also one of the ways to last longer in bad (temporarily) so it is my duty to inform you.

It is found that one or two glasses of alcoholic drink can help you hold and delay your ejaculation.

It helps you relax the sexual tension that arises after knowing that you are going to have intercourse with her.

Don’t overdrink alcohol.

alcohol can hold or delay your ejaculation

9) Use climax control condoms

It is one of the best ways to last longer in bed and delay your ejaculation.

Climax condoms are lubricated with some chemicals like benzocaine which helps you last longer in bed naturally.

This benzocaine decreases the sensitivity and lowers the early urge to release semen.

People who have used it say that it can extend the ejaculation time up to 15 minutes.

Such condoms are available in medical shops as well as online.

10) Use anesthetic cream or spray

I will request you to use such creams or spray only when no other methods mentioned above work for you.

Such creams and sprays will decrease the sensitivity so you don’t get an urge to ejaculate soon.

Always take the advice from your doctor before using such creams or sprays.

Disclaimer: Such sprays or creams can kill your sperm counts

11) Get a better sleep

When you don’t get enough sleep, the serotonin levels in the brain decrease which triggers your body to ejaculate in a short time.

A good amount of sleep also increases testosterone levels in your body which increases your libido.

Young man peacefully sleeping in his bed

12) Focus on gaining control

Controlling anything is a mind game. If you want to control, you can control. If you think you ejaculate early, you will ejaculate early.

Be conscious while having intercourse. Focus on lasting long. And the result will be far better than above all techniques.

These were some of the best tips last longer in bed naturally and delay your ejaculation.


1) How much is the average time for men to last in bed?

5-6 minutes is the average time worldwide. Exact data can range from a few seconds to 30-40 minutes.

2) Does time matter in intercourse?

Yes, it does. Intercourse is the marathon and not a quick sprint. Who doesn’t want to enjoy the happy moments for a good time period? If you can last long for 10-15 minutes it is pretty good.

3) Should I take medicines?

If you have been facing the problem of premature ejaculation for a long time then you should meet a sexologist and take further advice on medicines.

4) How can I increase penis size?

Here is the complete guide to increasing penis size.

5) What is premature ejaculation?

A man is said to suffer from premature ejaculation when he gets and sustains an erection but is unable to hold or delay the ejaculations and releases semen very soon after insertion.

6) Are premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction the same?

No, they are completely different. In ED, a man can’t sustain his erection and in PE, a man can’t hold or delay his ejaculation.

7) Is premature ejaculation related to age?

No, a man of all ages can suffer from it.

Conclusion For How to Last Longer in Bed

Here we have discussed a few tips on how to last longer in bed naturally.

According to research 1 in 3 males faces premature ejaculation in his life.

And the good thing about it is, that it can be cured. Simply follow the above steps to get rid of it.

If you follow these tips, I am pretty sure that you will definitely be able to last longer while having sex.

If you have any questions related to lasting longer in bed naturally, you can ask me in the comment box.

If you like this article, share it with your friends.

Thanks for reading…!!!

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