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10 Best Exercises for Biceps Without Weights ( Updated Guide)

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This is the most comprehensive list of exercises for biceps without weights.

Here, we will discuss the exercises that you can perform without any weights.

The biceps are the most desired muscles. Everyone wants muscular and stronger biceps.

The exercises mentioned below can be performed by both people who are going to the gym or training at home.

The people who train at home and don’t have equipment can train their biceps using these exercises.

And the people who go to the gym and are bored of doing the same biceps exercises can also practice these exercises for the change.

So in short, everyone who wants to make their biceps stronger and more muscular can practice these exercises.

Let’s start discussing those wonderful exercises.

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1. Exercises for Biceps Without Weights.

Here is the list of your biceps exercises that don’t need any weights to perform.

1) Self Resisted Biceps Exercise

This exercise can be beneficial for the people who train at home and can’t afford any equipment.

If you are a gym-goer then you can perform this exercise at the beginner level.

The main benefit of this exercise is that you can do it anywhere. Because you don’t need to carry any kind of equipment to perform this exercise.

It is also a good warm-up exercise for the biceps.

There is also a benefit of self resisted biceps exercise that you can increase or decrease the resistance in accordance with your comfort.

You can also change and try different angles with this exercise.

Method to perform self-resisted biceps curl:

1) Stand and keep both your knees slightly bent, put down your non-dominant arm at your side with your palm facing forward.

2) Put your opposite palm over your wrist.

3) Make a fist with the hand that you want to exercise, then perform the biceps curl exercise with that hand while making the other hand resist the other one.

4) Do the same exercise for the other hand too.

3-5 sets of 10-12 reps are enough for this exercise. If you are doing this exercise as a warm-up then 1-2 sets of 8-10 reps are also enough.

Increase the intensity with every set. Also, you can try different angles to increase or decrease the resistance.

self resisted biceps exercise

Self resisted biceps exercise

2) Biceps exercise using the resistance band

Here is another exercise for biceps without weights. In this exercise also, you don’t need any kind of weight to perform.

You just have to purchase a resistance band of good quality and start doing this exercise.

Same like the self resisted biceps exercise, this exercise can also be practiced anywhere. You just have to carry your light-weighted resistance band with you.

Not only biceps, but also you can train various types of muscles using the resistance bands. If you train at home, then I highly recommend you buy a resistance band.

(don’t worry resistance band is not very expensive but rather it is very pocket-friendly equipment)

This exercise has the capacity to give the same experience of doing biceps using a cable machine in the gym.

Suppose, you have to go somewhere because of some work then you can carry this resistance band with you so that you don’t miss any workout day.

Method to perform biceps exercise using resistance band:

It is the same as a dumbbell curl or a cable biceps curl you do in the gym.

The image for the biceps exercise using the resistance band is shown in the below image.

exercises for biceps without weights (using resistance band)

3) Biceps Using Sand Buckets/water bucket

The exercises for biceps using sand buckets or water buckets is the same as the barbell curl we perform in the gym.

And also you don’t need to buy expensive weights to perform this exercise.

To perform this exercise, you need two buckets filled with water or sand, one wooden or metal rod which can hold the weights of both buckets, and lots of willingness to do this.

Just hang both the buckets on each end of the rod. Then start performing the biceps exercise as you perform in the gym with the barbell.

I would recommend you to use sand instead of water. It is because god forbid but if you lose your balance then all the water will be on the floor.

If you use sand then you can easily collect it back.

The image of the biceps exercise using sand or water buckets is shown in the below image.

lifting sand/water bucket (Exercises for biceps without weights)

4) Pull-ups

There are many types of pull-ups that can help you grow bigger, bulkier, and stronger biceps.

If you are habituated to exercise at home then you can also purchase a pull-up bar that can be fixed at any wall.

I will recommend you to purchase the pull-up bar which is movable. So you can also change its position as per your comfort.

Pull-up is one of the best exercises for biceps in which you don’t need any weight.

The weight of your body will help you to train.

Here, we will discuss various types of pull-ups to train your biceps.

1) Wide-grip pull-up

It is one of the best pull-up exercises to train your biceps. For this pull-up, you have to use “wider than shoulder grip”.

This exercise is also beneficial for you to train your forearms.

Remember this for all types of pull-ups:

  • Don’t give a jerk to pull your body up
  • Keep the movement smooth
  • Hold the position at the top for 1-2 seconds.
  • Don’t overdo it
  • Take a necessary break between two sets of pull-up

The image of a man doing a wide-grip pull-up is shown in the below image.

The image of a man doing a wide-grip pull-up

2) Normal grip chin up

It is a perfect exercise for the biceps. Generally, beginners start their pull-up journey from this exercise.

The pro players bind the weight plates with their bodies and then perform this exercise.

But since this article is about biceps exercises without weights then we don’t consider binding weight with the body.

The image of the exercise is shown in the below image.

chin up exercise to train biceps

In the same manner, you can also perform close grip pull-ups.

In which you hold the pull-up bar such that the distance between your wrists remains minimum.

All these pull-up exercises can be done at the gym as well as at home.

You can also take the support of a resistance band to make the pull-up exercise easy.

There are various types of pull-ups that you can perform to train your biceps.

5) Rope Climbing

If someone comes to me and asks about the best exercise to do for biceps without weights then my only answer will be “Rope Climbing”.

It is my personal experience that it is the most beneficial exercise to train the biceps. You need very high stamina to perform this exercise.

But practicing this exercise regularly, you can perform it.

The noteworthy fact about this exercise is that it is also practiced by the commandos. This exercise is also present in the list of exercises practiced by the top-notch wrestlers and fighters of the world.

So, I will also recommend using this amazing exercise to train your biceps.

The rope climbing exercise is also shown in the below image.

rope climbing exercise to train your biceps

6) Bucket Biceps Curls

This exercise is the same as the dumbbell curls but instead of dumbbells, we have to use here a bucket filled with sand or water (or any material) to make it heavy.

Then you have to perform the biceps curl with both the hands or one of the hands. Do 3-5 sets of 10-12 reps. Take necessary rest between two sets.

7) Doorway Curls

Doorway curl is one of the best exercises for biceps without weights. In this exercise, you just use your body weights to train your biceps.

Every house has a doorframe. You just grab it with both of your hands and start doing doorway curls.

You can increase the resistance of the exercise by shifting from two hands to one hand.

8) Bicep curls using your legs

This is another amazing exercise to build your biceps with no weights. Just curl one leg, hold it with the hand and start doing bicep curls.

Method to perform this exercise:

  • Stand up straight.
  • Bend over and grab your right leg with your left hand.
  • Lift your right leg toward your left shoulder
  • Hold that contraction for 1-2 seconds.
  • Then lower the legs.
  • Do the same movement for the other hand.

Biceps using your legs (biceps exercises without weights)

biceps using your legs

9) Train your Biceps using push-ups

Using biceps push-ups, you can train your biceps. But you have to take care of the angles of the hands.

I will recommend you watch the below video for a complete understanding of the biceps-push ups.

Here is the video,

10) Biceps exercise using the towel

If you have ever gone to the gym for training, then you must have seen the people doing biceps exercises using a thick twisted rope.

It is also known as cable rope.

The same exercise you can do by using the towel.

Rather than explaining the whole exercise, I have embedded a video for this exercise. You can watch it for reference.

These are the 10 exercises for biceps without weights.

Include them in your exercise schedule to grow bigger and stronger biceps.

2. Advantages of Biceps Exercises Without Weights.

Well, there are some benefits of biceps exercises without weights. Here they are,

1) It gives you change

When you just keep on following the same routine of biceps exercise, you get bored. At that time, you should practice these exercises for the change.

2) It is less expensive

Well, if you are habituated to training at home and don’t want to spend much on expensive equipment then these biceps exercises are just boon for you.

With a resistance band, pull-up bar, and rope, you can start these exercises.

3) You can train multiple muscles

Many biceps exercises without weights target multiple muscles. For example, with pull-ups, you can also target your back muscles.

With rope climbing, you can also target your abdominal muscles.

With self-resisted biceps curls, you can also train the triceps of your other hand. So these exercises have their own benefits.

3. Tips to Grow Biceps without Weights

Here are the tips to grow bigger, stronger, and more muscular biceps.

The only effective way to grow any muscle is Work Hard + Sleep + Healthy Foods.

1) Work Hard

I have seen many people who just work out for 15-20 minutes and desire bulkier muscles. No, that is not right.

You have to train any muscle at least for 45 minutes.

Also, you have to maintain consistency. It should not be like you train when you get time or mood otherwise you don’t train.

No, you have to train at least 4-5 times a week to see the growth of any muscle.

2) Sleep

Do you know, though you train at the gym or home, your muscles grow when you sleep!

It is true.

So, you have to take enough sleep to grow your muscles. Get a sound sleep of at least 7 hours a day.

3) Healthy Foods

No matter how hard you train, if you are not giving your body nutritious foods then you won’t be able to grow muscles.

You should consume foods rich in protein because muscles need protein to grow them.

You should eat eggs, soy, chicken, legumes, lentils, etc to fulfill your protein demand.

Here is the protein intake calculator. Find your protein demand here.



Here, I would like to complete this discussion here.

Let me answer some common questions.


1) Are these exercises enough to grow bigger biceps?

Yes, if you are including all of these exercises and doing them in the proper way then these exercises are more than enough to grow bigger biceps.

2) Do I need to do a warm-up before doing these exercises?

Yes, my friend. Warm-up is compulsory before doing any hard and intense exercises.

3) What types of foods should I eat to grow biceps?

Here is the list of pre-workout foodsAnd after the workout, you should eat foods that are rich in protein, moderate in fat, and low in carbs.

4) How many times do I need to practice these biceps exercises?

Well, if you are doing very intense training then once in a week is ok. But for moderate level exercises, you should go twice a week at least for 45 minutes.

5) Can I include the variants of these exercises?

It depends on your capacity. If your stamina is high then you can go for other variants but if you are a beginner, start with these exercises.


Here, we have discussed the exercises for biceps without weights.

Do all of these or some of these exercises to train your biceps without using any weights.

Now, I would like to listen to you, do you know any other biceps exercises using no weights?

If yes, let me know in the comment box.

If you like this article, share it with your “Exercise Buddies”.

Thanks for reading…!!!

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