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Health Benefits of Using Different Metals in Daily Life

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This is the most comprehensive guide on “The Health Benefits of Using Different Metals in Daily Life”.

Here, we will discuss the importance of different metals that we use in our daily life.

It is said that the first-ever metal used by mankind was copper. From that time to now, we have found many metals which we can use for different purposes.

Metals have become so integral part of our daily life that imaging a world without metals is nearly impossible.

But have you ever thought that whether these metals are good for your health or not?

If yes then what are the health benefits of these metals in our daily life and how to use them in such a way that you get their maximum benefits. Here, we will discuss each of these one by one.

Here, we will discuss the health benefits of gold, silver, copper, and iron and how to use them in daily life.

The Health Benefits of Using Different Metals

Though Ayurveda focuses on the lifestyle habits to remain healthy and natural herbs to treat the diseases, it also emphasizes the use of metals, gemstones, aromas, and colors to prevent and cure diseases.

Among them, we are going to discuss metals today.

Let’s start with gold first.

1) Gold

Gold has been used by almost all civilizations for medicinal or cosmetic purposes. It is also used to symbolize purity, beauty, and strength.

Health Benefits of Gold

Gold is used to strengthen the nervous system and the heart, improve memory, and intelligence, and increase stamina.

It is also good to improve the strength of the lungs that’s why it is used to treat certain respiratory diseases such as shortness of breath and asthma.

Gold can be helpful for arthritis, and for heart arrhythmia.

Here are some other benefits of gold.

1) Gold is extremely good for heart health. It improves blood circulation throughout the body.

Gold has anti-inflammatory properties. That’s why it is also used to treat arthritis because it can decrease the soreness of the limbs.

That’s why in older days, men and women both are recommended to wear jewelry. But today, people have switched to artificial jewelry.

2) Gold can help the body control the growth of cancerous cells. Hence, it is being used as an alternative medicine for treating different types of cancers.

Especially, colloidal gold is also used in the treatment of ovarian and prostate cancer.

3) Gold is also said to improve your memory power and intelligence.

4) Gold is also used to improve your mental and physical endurance. It is also used to prevent epilepsy.

5) Gold has anti-aging properties. It can be used to treat sun tanning because it reduces the formation of melanin pigments.

Using gold in the form of gold masks can help you enhance your complexion, and make your skin look youthful and glowing.

6) It can also be used to increase the elasticity of the skin. Regular use of gold makes your skin firm and toned.

7) It is also used to improve heart strength and prevent heart attacks. It is good for the coronary artery and is said to reduce cholesterol gradually.


How to Use Gold Metal to Get Health Benefits?

Here, after knowing the benefits of using gold in daily life, you may ask how to use the gold so that it can improve your health.

Don’t worry here is your answer.

1) Gold Water

The energy of gold can be extracted by preparing medicated gold water.


  • Take a small block or any other object of pure gold.
  • Place the gold into 2 cups of water, and boil until 1 cup evaporates.
  • Drink 1 teaspoon of this gold water 2 or 3 times a day

2) Golden Rice

When you cook rice, place any object of gold in the rice pot, and cook as usual. When the rice is cooked, remove the gold before serving.

3) Gold Foil

In India, the gold foil is coated on sweets. When you consume that sweet, you also consume the coated gold. But you have to make sure that the used gold must be 100% pure.

In ancient times, gold foils are also used to put foods such as murabba, chyawanprash, and certain medicines.

4) Gold Cutleries

Since ancient times, gold cutleries are used to eat foods. Meals were used to be served in these golden cutleries.

According to historical data, gold utensils were generally used by kings and rich people only.

It is believed that the properties of gold are transferred to the food when it comes in the contact with gold.

When we eat such foods, we also get the health benefits of gold. Such food is also believed to provide strength.

Today, we can find some people who use gold-coated cutleries.

gold plate to provide the health benefits of gold via food

5) Storing Water in The Gold Vessels

As gold is hot in potency, this method should be practiced in the winter and strictly not in summer.

If you don’t have a gold vessel you can put any gold object in the vessel in which you store the water or you can also coat the inner side of that vessel with gold.

6) Swarna Bhasma (Gold ash or Incinerated Gold)

Swarna bhasma is generally available in powder or tablet form. You can consume it with honey or ghee after meals.

I will recommend you consult an ayurvedic expert or doctor before using it.

It should also be noted that gold has hot potency and must be avoided by the person having a pitta constitution.

2) Silver

In India, almost every household has silver in various forms such as coins, glass, plates, etc.

It is very much cheaper than gold but its benefits are no lesser than gold.

Health Benefits of Silver

1) Silver is cool in potency therefore it is used to treat the person with excess pitta. When it is worn as jewelry, it tends to cool down the body.

Have you ever noticed why silver jewelry is worn only below the waist?

It is because silver is a good conductor of energy. It can absorb the energy from the earth and passes it to the body.

2) It helps to increase strength and stamina in the body. For that, you have to boil milk in the silver vessel and drink it regularly.

3) It is anti-septic, anti-bacterial, and disinfectant in nature. So, it can protect you from various infections.

According to ancient texts, silver was used to preserve milk by putting silver coins in the milk. It is because silver can eliminate all types of pathogens present in the milk.

4) Silver can also help you with the problem of weakness after fever and heartburn. It can also be used to treat or prevent intestine inflammation.

5) Wearing silver jewelry can improve blood circulation throughout the body, balance your mood swings, and provide you energy.

If you have been wearing silver jewelry for a long time and it has turned blue then it is a direct indication that your body has excess amounts of acid in it.

It is because when you have high acid in your body, your sweat is loaded with sulfur and amino acids which react with silver.

silver jewelry

6) It can help to boost your immunity.

Though it is not a vital element that your body must require, a lack of silver is found in many people who often suffer from fever, flu, cold, etc.

7) Silver can help people suffering from digestive problems and problems related to digestive organs such as the stomach, intestines, liver, etc.

It can also help people suffering from urinary diseases.

How to Use Silver Metal to Get Health Benefits?

1) Silver Water

Just like the gold, you can also extract the energy from silver preparing the silver medicated water.


  • Take a small block or any other object of pure silver.
  • Place that silver object into 2 cups of water, and boil until 1 cup evaporates.
  • Drink 1 teaspoon of this silver water 2 or 3 times a day

2) Silver Foil

The use of silver foil is more common in Indian sweets rather than gold foil.

If you love eating ‘Kaju katli’ then you might know that the coating on the pure Kaju katli is silver.

Silver is also added in chyawanprash and various ayurvedic recipes.

I have also seen some paanwalas that wrap up their paan into silver foil which shows the trace of an ancient practice.

paan coated with silver foil- Health benefits of using different metals

3) Silver Cutleries

Eating in silver dishes and drinking in silver glasses are common in the houses that still follow the ancient practices.

Use of silver bowl, silver spoon, etc was common in older days.

It is believed that when you eat foods in silver cutlery, the health benefits of silver are transferred to food and when you eat such foods you get all those benefits.

It was believed that eating food in silver cutleries can sharpen your brain.

In India, there is a ritual to drink kheer on the night of ‘Sharad Poornima’ (Full moon night of Sharad month) in the silver vessel.

On that day, people mix flattened rice in milk, add sugar & dry fruits in it, fill it in a silver bowl, and keep it under the moonlight for a few hours. Then they drink it. (usually under the moonlight).

This practice is believed to calm the body and mind and provides coolness.

4) Store Drinking Water in Silver Vessels

It is generally practiced in summer. It is believed that drinking the water that is kept in the silver vessel provides strength and stamina.

If you don’t have big silver vessels, you can coat the inner side of any vessel with silver or you can put some silver object in the clay pot and store water in it.

5) Rajat (Chandi) Bhasm (Silver Ash)

It is available online as well as at any offline ayurvedic store. It is generally available in the form of powder.

It is beneficial for health in many ways. It improves immunity and helps to prevent frequent infections.

Silver ash can be used to improve the overall health after chronic illnesses. It is also useful to treat the problems related to the kidney, brain, and nerves.

It is also known to help males with reproductive disorders.

(Source: Ayurcentral – Rajat Bhasma)

3) Copper

Copper is one of the largely used metals worldwide. It is used in almost every field. Here, we will discuss how it provides us the health benefits.

Health Benefits of Copper

Well, copper is not considered a vital mineral but today health experts are recommending people to take a copper supplement because of its health benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of copper.

  • Copper helps in the absorption of iron
  • Copper helps in the production of red blood cells
  • It improves our immune system
  • It also helps to regulate the heart rate and blood pressure
  • It keeps the nerve cells healthy and also protects them from damage
  • Helps in anemia and osteoporosis

How to Use Copper Metal to Get Health Benefits?

1) Copper Water

Just same as the silver and gold water, you can prepare copper water to extract the energy from copper as mentioned above.

Consuming a teaspoon of copper water 2-3 times a day is said to reduce the fat from the body. It is also a good tonic for the liver.

2) Use Tongue Scraper Made Up of Copper

The ‘Charak Samhita’- an ancient ayurvedic text advises using a tongue scraper made up of gold, silver, bronze, or copper.

Though it is not a budget-friendly idea to use a tongue scraper made up of gold and silver, you can use a copper tongue scraper.

It is said to improve overall oral health.

3) Copper Utensils

In India, it is a common practice to use copper dishes for eating meals. When food gets in touch with a copper dish, it accumulates a small amount of copper.

Here, you have to note that you should never boil milk in copper vessels.

4) Store Water in Copper Vessel

It is one of the best practices to consume copper. Just fill water in a copper jug or glass, store it for a night, and drink it the next day morning.

Rather than drinking it cold, it is good to drink it lukewarm.

Today, the world is running behind copper supplements but this is the best way to get copper in enough amounts.

As far as I am concerned, I drink water kept in copper vessels only in monsoon. It also prevents the excess accumulation of copper in my body.

Because we also get copper from foods such as black pepper, seafood, organ meat, beans, nuts, etc.

4) Iron

An iron supplement is considered one of the most used supplements in the world because iron is very much important for our body.

Let’s know about the benefits of iron.

Health Benefits of Iron

  • Good for bone tissues and bone marrow
  • Improves the function of the liver
  • Increases the production of red blood cells and helps to cure as well as prevent anemia
  • Iron strengthens the muscles and nerve tissues
  • Extremely necessary for pregnant and teenage girls

How to Use Iron Metal to Get Health Benefits

1) Use a Cast Iron Vessel to Boil The Milk

The simple way to use iron metal to get health benefits is to boil the milk in the cast iron vessels.

There are many people who recommend using iron vessels for cooking purposes, but in African countries where most people use iron vessels, people are found to suffer from ‘Hemochromatosis‘ which occurs due to excess intake of iron.

(Related: Iron Rich Foods for Women)

So, you should only use iron vessels to boil the milk only. If you want to use something best for cooking then you must use clay vessels.

This is all for this article. Let me answer some most common questions.


1) How to use different metals to store water according to seasons?

Of course, you should use different metals in accordance with the seasons. In summer, you should use silver vessels, in winter, you should use gold, and in monsoon, you should go for copper vessels to store water.

2) Where should I wear silver and gold jewelry on the body?

Well, Ayurveda recommends using silver jewelry below the waist and gold jewelry above your waist.

3) How to increase strength using metals?

It is said that the practice of boiling and drinking milk in the silver vessels increases the strength of the body.


Here, we have discussed the health benefits of using different metals and the ways to use them so that you can get maximum benefits from them.

If you have any questions related to this article, you can ask me in the comment box.

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