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How to Increase Height (Real life solutions)

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This is the complete guide on how to increase height.

Being taller is very important. It enhances your life in every aspect, for example, a good job opportunity, a better love life, etc.

Many of you know that stunting (low height for the present age) and wasting (low weight for the present height) have become major issues worldwide.

Here we will discuss the real-life solutions that actually help you increase your height.

The secrets shown here to increase height are not just tried and tested but also highly recommended by health professionals.

Let’s start.

How to increase height?

There are generally two ways to increase your height. The first one is natural and the second one is to take human growth hormone (HGH) shots by injection or in any other way.

In the HGH shots method, you are artificially injected with the growth hormone that will help your body increase its height.

If you are severely in need of height then you can go for this method otherwise natural method can also help you but it takes time and needs many efforts.

Here, we will focus on natural ways to increase height.

Before we start our discussion on how to increase height, let’s discuss some important information related to height and height increment.

So you can analyze your strategy to increase your height.

Father measures the child height in the room (how to increase height)

Factors on which our height depends

  • Genetics
  • Nutrition
  • Overall health
  • Your medical condition
  • Your daily activities
  • Sleep
  • Amount of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) your body produces

These are some factors on which your current height tends to depend. If you improve all these factors, you will be able to grow taller.

Here, we will focus on improving nutrition, overall health, daily activities, sleep, and amount of HGH.

It is because we can’t alter our genetics and for a medical condition, your doctor can give you more guidance.

Let’s start.

How to increase height?

As mentioned above, if we focus on the factors on which our height depends, we will be able to increase the height.

Let’s start with nutrition.

1) Nutrition

Nutrition plays a key role in your vertical growth. If you intake the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals you can easily boost your growth.

Bone length contributes most to our height. So our primary focus should be to make our bones stronger and longer.

calcium is one of the important minerals and vitamin D is one of the important vitamins that directly affects bone health.

You have to ensure their optimal levels in the body to increase bone mass and growth of bone length.

Because the bones are the ultimate posture provider. If their length increase, your height will automatically increase. Here is the guide for making your bones strong.

How to increase the intake of calcium?

Well, you will get your answer in the above link but I will also give the answer here.

You can increase your calcium intake by consuming calcium-rich foods and supplements. I don’t recommend any supplements and only advise people to consume calcium-rich foods.

Calcium-rich foods

  • Yogurt
  • Milk
  • Broccoli
  • A pinch of limestone in a bowl of yogurt
  • Spinach
  • Tofu
  • Sardine

Also, avoid alcohol, cigarettes, salt, refined sugar, soft drinks, sugar, etc because they all are calcium inhibitors.

How to increase the intake of vitamin D?

The best way to get vitamin D is to expose your body in front of the sun. Or you can also consume vitamin D fortified milk.

Don’t depend much on foods for vitamin D.

Because there is no ethical food source of vitamin D that gives you vitamin D in proper amounts.

Health benefits of sunlight (how to increase height)

Role of other vitamins and minerals in increasing the height

  1. Vitamin A – Promotes bone growth and strengthens bones
  2. Vitamin B (B1, B2, B6, B12) – Promotes overall growth of the body
  3. Vitamin C- Strengthens the bones
  4. Vitamin E – supplies more oxygen to the body cells which enhances the growth
  5. Vitamin K – Enables the body to absorb more vitamin D
  6. Fluoride – Makes bone stronger
  7. Magnesium – Enables the body to absorbs more calcium and vitamin C

Also, eating a protein-rich diet is necessary for the overall growth of the body.

Eating these all nutrients has no value if you don’t drink enough water. Water keeps your blood thin. The thin blood can easily transfer all the nutrients to the body.

So drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.

Foods to eat to increase height

1) Camel milk

Well, cow and buffalo milk are common but here I am talking about camel milk.

It is highly rich in calcium and other important minerals.

Camel milk is extremely praised when it comes to growing taller. Just consume two glasses of camel milk a day. You will start noticing the changes in a few months.

Camel Milk (how to increase height)

2) Aswagandha (Indian Ginseng)

According to modern-day medical science, ashwagandha contains some components that boost the HGH levels in the human body.

Consuming it with camel milk can be the perfect remedy to increase height. Aswagandha is also one of the testosterone-boosting foods.

Ashwagandha (how to increase height)

3) Quinoa

As mentioned above, protein is very important for the overall growth of the body. Quinoa is extremely rich in protein.

It contains all 9 essential amino acids.

4) Fruits

Fruits like sapota, mango, ripe bananas can help you a lot in increasing your height. So include them in your regular diet.

Don’t consume fruits with meals. Eat them before or after 45 minutes of lunch. Also, don’t consume fruits after sunset.

5) Bamboo pickle or Murabba

It is a very famous food from the Indian subcontinent. Consuming bamboo murabba or pickle on empty stomach can be a game-changer in increasing your height.

It can also promote the regeneration of the body cells. If you are serious enough to increase your height then you should start eating it as early as possible.

These foods will help you increase your height naturally with no side effects. But if you are imagining the sudden growth in your height then I am sorry.

It is a time-taking process. You have to continue with these foods for at least 6-8 months. Then only you will notice any change.

2) Sleep – the best height enhancer

Yes, sleep can be a good tool to increase your height.

But how???

You might have heard that our body only grows when we are sleeping. It is 100 % true. Our bodies only produce Human Growth Hormone (HGH) when we are asleep.

Human Growth Hormones are the only hormones that can increase your height. So you have to maintain their optimal levels.

Beautiful girl sleeping in the bedroom (how to increase height)

Sleep for at least 7-8 hours in your growth period i.e, 16-24 years of age.

Drink lukewarm milk added with a half spoon of turmeric and a small piece of ginger for better sleep. Darken your room completely.

And get a sound and undisturbed sleep for 7-8 hours.

The best way to boost the HGH is to exercise for at least 45 minutes, eat a well-balanced diet, and have proper sleep. 

Does sleeping with your head in the south direction increase height?

Well, if you are the residence of the northern hemisphere then you should sleep with your head in the south direction and if you are the residence of the southern hemisphere then you should sleep with your head in the north direction.


It is believed that such practice stretches your body which can have a positive impact on your height in 3-4 years.

However, there is not enough proof to prove this but there is nothing wrong with this practice.

So you can try it if you want.

4) Physical activity

If you are living a sedentary life and expecting that you will be able to increase your height then you are wrong.

Forget height, you will end up increasing your weight (fat).

Physical activity is extremely important to increase HGH levels in your body.

To get additional benefits, we have to do such exercises that directly tend to improve our height.

Any type of stretching exercise is good to get taller.

Here we will see some useful exercises that 100% target your height.

1) Tadasana (The palm tree pose)

The palm tree pose is the most preferred pose to increase height. It includes the complete stretching of the body in the vertical direction.

Small children should be habituated by the parents for this pose. Tell them to do at least 10 minutes.

It will help them in long run to increase height.

The below image shows the palm tree pose.

Tadasana (how to increase height)

2) Chakrasana (The wheel pose)

It is the best pose to increase the flexibility of the spine. It focuses on the stretching of the spine.

3 sets of the wheel pose with 30 seconds duration is best.

wheel pose to increase height

3) Put the objects on higher

It is not a pose but it is a good practice.

When you try to put something on the height you stretch your body vertically and also when you bring it back you stretch your body.

It is also useful for children. Try to put their favorite things on height so they stretch their bodies to bring them down.

4) Parvatasana (The mountain pose)

It also focuses on the leg and the spine stretching.

Parvatasana-mountain pose (how to increase height)

5) Jumping

Jumping is also a very effective exercise for growing taller.

6) Skipping

Skipping and cycling are good to increase height.

woman runner jogger jumping rope one caucasian woman runner jogger jumping rope in silhouette studio on white background skipping stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

7) Swimming

Whenever you search for how to increase height, you will see swimming there.

Swimming is considered the best exercise to increase height as well as to improve your eyesight naturally.

8) Play basketball

Everyone who wants to increase their height must play basketball. It includes running, jumping, and stretching your body.

This perfect combination promotes the production of HGH as well as helps you increase your vertical growth.

basket ball increases height

9) Sun salutation

It is a combination of various poses that directly affects your height.

It is generally performed in the sunlight. So you get the benefits of exercise as well as the benefits of sunlight.

sun salutation yoga pose to increase height

10) Maintain the upright position

It has become a very bad habit of people that they have forgotten how to sit and stand.

Some sit so bend on the chair and some sit such that their spine at 90 degrees. Both are wrong.

You should sit on the chair so that your spine makes 135 degrees.

And for standing, stand straight not bend.

Ergonomics - Correct and incorrect sitting posture

11) Massage your body

You have seen massaging the babies. It is done to improve their overall health. You should also massage your body. It increases blood circulation throughout the body.

Supplements to increase height

Though I am against the use of any supplements I am mentioning a supplement that will help you grow taller.

It is your choice to use it or not.

The best supplement to increase your height is L-Arginine.

Arginine is the amino acid and it is the best HGH enhancer. You can use it if you want but before that take the proper guidance from your doctor.

You can also go for HGH shot therapy in which you are injected with the growth hormones from outside to increase your growth.

You have seen many celebrities who grow suddenly. They use such HGH shots. I am always against it.

We have to accept our body as it is. Our height can’t make us gentleman. It is our character and good deeds that make us gentlemen.

Don’t go for height too badly. Just try natural ways and hope for the best.


Here we have discussed how to increase height.

In this discussion, we have talked about foods to increase height. We have also seen how better sleep can make you taller.

Then we talked about the exercises that can grow you taller.

Let’s summarize the entire article.

To increase height, we have to ensure three main things i.e, foods rich in essential vitamins and minerals, better sleep, and height increasing exercise.

Ensure the optimal levels of calcium and vitamin D in your body.

There are some foods that stimulate the HGH naturally such as ashwagandha.

Foods like a bamboo pickle or murabba and camel milk can boost up the height-increasing process.

Mix ashwagandha in camel milk and drink a glass of milk twice a day.

Fruits like sapota, mango, ripe bananas can help you increase height.

Practice the above-mentioned poses every day. Play sports such as basketball, swimming, etc.

Daily massage your body and practice sun salutation in sunlight.

This is all for this article. I think you have gotten your answer here.

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