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8 amazing benefits of testosterone – Everyone should know

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Are you looking for the benefits of having sufficient testosterone levels in the body?

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This is the most comprehensive list of benefits of testosterone.

Here, we will discuss all the health advantages of sufficient testosterone levels.

There are generally two types of people who search for the benefits of testosterone. First are those who just wanted to know the benefits of testosterone.

Second, are those who wanted to increase their testosterone level and want to know the importance of testosterone in the body.

Well, I want to congratulate the people from the second category because there are some people who start their testosterone boosting journey with how to boost testosterone articles.

In my opinion, it is very important to know the benefits of testosterone before searching for anything.

Because when you know the importance of anything then and then only you will try to improve it with 100% dedication.

If you are the person who has searched for the benefits of testosterone before another article, you are in the right direction.

In this article, we will discuss some amazing benefits of testosterone that will increase your desire to boost testosterone in your body. (Of course, it is always good to increase testosterone naturally)

But before that let’s understand what testosterone actually is.

Let’s start.

1. What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones of the body. It is a steroid hormone responsible for the overall growth of the body.

It is also called a growth hormone. The manliness and strength found in the males are due to this testosterone.

It is a chief hormone among the group of androgens (in greek androgen means ‘man maker’).

Testosterone is responsible for the development of the sex organs in the body.

Leydig cells present in the testicles produce testosterone in the presence of the luteinizing hormone (LH).

Though it is a principal hormone in males, females also produce testosterone in their ovaries. The amount of testosterone found in females is very low.

benefits of testosterone

2. Benefits of testosterone

1) Better sex drive

One of the most important benefits of testosterone is that it increases our sex drive. Persons with low testosterone often complain about low sex drive.

If you have experienced a significant drop in sexual activeness then there is a great chance that your testosterone level may have decreased.

Or even if you have the optimal level of testosterone in your body, you can increase your sex drive by increasing testosterone levels in your body.

With the high testosterone levels, it also becomes possible to last long in bed. A high testosterone level also increases your urge to have intercourse.

It also promotes strong ejaculation and prevents you from suffering erectile dysfunction.

2) Strong bones

If you have the habit of masturbating frequently then you will notice that your bones are getting weaker day by day.

Your bones will start paining when someone presses them.

These are the symptoms of having low bone density.

It is because when you masturbate frequently, it significantly drops your testosterone levels and due to low testosterone levels, your bones get weaker.

Having the optimal level of testosterone automatically shows that your body is not lacking in vitamin D and calcium.

As weak bones lead to many problems, especially in the older days, it becomes your responsibility to maintain the optimal level of testosterone in your body.

Physical exercises are great at boosting testosterone levels and making bones stronger than ever before. Try it…!!!

3) Better weightloss

If you are taking a healthy diet and doing proper exercises to lose some extra pounds and not getting the desired results.

Or instead, if your weight is increasing then it can be a good sign of having low testosterone in your body.

It is because when your testosterone level is below normal then your body starts to become insulin resistant.

Which results in a lack of energy, fatigue, excessive cravings for carbohydrates, and an increment in fat storage.

When all these negative effects are combined, it becomes very difficult to reduce weight.

When you have the optimal level of testosterone, you can easily lose weight because your body will support you for that.

Having a high level of testosterone ensures better weight loss as the resistivity of your body to insulin decreases.

So we can say that better weight loss is one of the most important benefits of testosterone.

benefits of testosterone

4) Better muscle mass

The optimal level of testosterone also increases the process of protein synthesis in the body. So your body can easily absorb the protein that you consume from your daily diet.

Therefore, muscle mass and its strength both are directly related to the testosterone level.

Adrenal glands of the body release cortisol to increase blood glucose in order to provide more energy to muscles.

This cortisol breaks down the protein within the muscles which cause the shrinking of muscles.

If you have a high testosterone level then it can inhibit the secretion of cortisol which prevents the shrinking of muscles that leads to high muscle mass and muscle strength.

5) Better mood and mental alertness

If you search for the symptoms of low testosterone then you will notice that mood swings and low mental alertness are common symptoms.

Boosting testosterone can also boost your mood as well as mental alertness. It is because when you are stressed, your body produces the hormone called cortisol.

It is considered a testosterone killer. So if you increase testosterone levels, it will lower the secretion of cortisol and your overall mood will be boosted.

6) Reduced risk of diseases

Researches show that the person who has the optimal level of testosterone is much more immune to other diseases than the person who has a low testosterone level.

Research also confirms that testosterone increases the immunity power of the body. As mentioned earlier, high testosterone which decreases insulin resistivity can prevent us from type 2 diabetes.

Having the resistivity to insulin can trigger type 2 diabetes. So if you want to improve your immunity power then boosting testosterone is a perfect way.

7) Lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Having a lower level of testosterone can put us in the category of people prone to have Alzheimer’s disease.

Researches also prove that persons having the optimal level of testosterone are less prone to this disease.

We know that current medical science has no cure for this disease so, in order to prevent this, we should try to increase testosterone levels.

8) Other benefits of Testosterone

  • It also increases the nitrogen retention cycle in the body which increases the ability of the lean muscle to absorb more protein.
  • It also defends our hard-earned muscles from the catabolic glucocorticoid hormone which can cause loss of muscle.
  • It also increases the number of red blood cells in the blood which can make our body more energetic and full of stamina because of the more oxygenated bloodstream.
  • It also boosts confidence. Persons with high testosterone are generally found more confident than those with low testosterone.
  • It promotes glycogen synthesis which provides an extra amount of energy while working out.


Here we have discussed the benefits of testosterone.

Testosterone is much more important than discussed here.

If you want to increase your testosterone level then make sure to go for a natural way only like exercising regularly, including foods that increase testosterone.

You can also go for natural herbs to boost testosterone.

Never choose a short way to boost testosterone like consuming tablets, taking steroid injections, etc. As it will only harm you in a long run.

If you have any questions related to the benefits of testosterone, you can ask me in the comment box.

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